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Series I. Posters and Banners [series]:
2 painted sheets: "Lesbian Peace" and "Queers will not be silenced!..."
Cloth banner: Cornell LGB Coalition
Cloth banner:LGBT Coalition
Cornell Cinema/GayPAC event poster: "Gay Film"
Poster: "Gaypril Formal"
  3, 4  
20 painted cardboard posters: "Bixexual Playing the Banjo," "Gay Kid Studying Orgo," etc.
Poster: "DASH does Earth Day!"
Paper banner: "Happy Gay Jeans Day!"
3 painted cardboard protest posters: "D.O.M.A. IS ANTI-MARRIAGE," etc.
Poster: "LGBT Coalition"
GBLOC poster (Gays, Bisexuals, Lesbians of Color)
Poster: one side: "Office Hours," other side, newspaper article about ZAP panel at Ithaca High School
Poster: "LGBT Coalition is:" with list of member organizations (GBLOC, WSW/LBQ, MSM, BRIDGES, DASH, ZAP)
Poster: "National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights"
Poster: one side, "Day Hall 1993: There is no liberation without L/G liberation! No Gay Liberation without Socialism!" other side, "L/G Political Action and Discussion Group Cornell/Ithaca"
Poster: "DASH"
Poster: "Valentines for ALL--DASH"
Poster: "Same Blood, Same Rights"
Poster: "ZAP"
Poster: "The Straight Dance?"
GayPAC event poster: "Gay Coffee House"
GBLOC poster (Gays, Bisexuals, Lesbians of Color)
Poster: one side, "Shut up! How does that feel?...Day of Silence...DASH," other side, "Once a month, a transgender person is murdered..."
Display board: Day of Silence
Blood Drive Banner