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Daily News strike
Letter from Mazur to all ILGWU members in the New York City area, urging boycott of Daily News in support of striking union workers, noting that if management succeeds in breaking the union at a newspaper read by working class people in the nation's greatest union town, it will send a signal to managements everywhere to follow their lead, November 7, 1990, with attached messages in Spanish and Chinese, with cover letter to president of Allied Printing Trades Council of Greater New York; draft of letter from Mazur to Crain's New York Business replying to opinion piece on Daily News strike, January 4, 1991, and final printed copy, January 21, 1991; draft of Open Letter to Charles Brumback, Chief Executive Officer, and Stanton Cooke, Chairman, the Tribune Company, urging them not to close the paper that is a vital part of New York culture, from the Committee to Save the Daily News, with list of members including Mayer Dinkins; letter to Mazur from NYC mayor David Dinkins, thanking him for efforts resulting in settlement with Daily News, April 11, 1991; press release, News from the Daily News Strike Front, "'Save the News - Settle or Sell' to be Theme of Ad Drive by Union," January 24, 1991; copy of ad; memo from Mazur re ILGWU ads in support of strikers, January 7, 1991; list of unions supporting ILGWU ad; memo to Mazur outlining talking points for press conference re strike, with handwritten notes by Mazur, January 23, 1991; press releases by Tribune Company re decision to close or sell the Daily News, January 16, 1991; agenda of ILGWU NYC managers' meeting, November 19, 1990, outlining campaign of support for Daily News workers, targeting newsstands, leafleting; memo from Mazur to ILGWU NYC managers re distribution of strike paper produced by striking Daily News workers, November 21, 1990; copy of strike paper, Real News; request to AFL-CIO Executive Council members for approval of $25,000 strike fund for Daily News striking workers, November 5, 1990, with attached copies of checks from affiliated unions; notice to Mazur of meeting of the Committee to Boycott for Justice at the Daily News, September 14, 1990, list of members, and related correspondence; report, Subcommittee on Strategic Approaches February 1991 Meeting, noting progress in strike, widespread support; letter to Mazur from the Workers Defense League re educational campaign against strikebreaking, designed to carry message of solidarity to unorganized, potential replacement workers, coordinating it with lobbying for anti-replacement legislation, September 7, 1990; letter from Allied Printing Trades Council of Greater New York to unionists, seeking support for efforts to settle with Daily News, possible strike, August 6, 1990, with cover letter from New York City Central Labor Council calling for meeting to discuss situation, August 9, 1990, attached bumper sticker, reader's boycott pledge, article from Chicago Lawyer re union-busting firm hired by Daily News, September 1985; press release from the Kamber Group, "Statement by George McDonald, president of the Allied Printing Trades Council," July 26, 1990; NYS Department of Labor press release announcing establishment of Board of Inquiry to investigate ongoing labor dispute at Daily News, noting certification by State Board of Mediation of failure to reach a voluntary settlement, July 26, 1990; open letter to Daily News carriers, asking that they stop delivering the paper; list of Daily News advertisers "good guys" and "bad guys," November 19, 1990; mailgram from Mazur to Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield urging it cease advertising in Daily News, November 15, 1990; flyers for December 10, 1990, rally; list of union speakers and pledged contributions at November 14, 1990, rally; handbills and stickers calling for boycott; description of handbill legalities; newspaper clippings