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1969 Three "radicals" win seats on Berkeley city council, representing an "April Coalition," later evolving into Berkeley Citizens Action (BCA).
Nick Carbone appointed to Hartford City Council, soon becomes majority leader
Norman Krumholz appointed Cleveland planning director by mayor Carl Stokes
1975 Cleveland Policy Planning Report
Conference on Alternative State and Local Policies holds first national conference; hundreds of winners of local and state elections, appointees, attend.
Eve Bach, Ed Kirshner et al publish The Cities Wealth, a plan for Berkeley rooted in Ebenezer Howard's garden cities concepts.
1977 Dennis Kucinich elected mayor in Cleveland, survives two recall elections, defeated 1979.
1979 Santa Monicans for Renters Rights (SMRR) wins ballot initiative for rent control -- strongest in the nation
BCA wins four seats including mayoralty; attempts to govern as coalition.
1981 SMRR produces "Priniciples of Unity" prior to winning control of city council.
Bernie Sanders wins office as mayor of Burlington, VT; consolidates control with a progressive program.
1982 At a meeting of Chicago neighborhood based activists, the Chicago Workshop on Economic Development is formed and produces the CWED Platform, a set of planning principles that infused candidate Harold Washington's mayoral campaign and administration.
1983 Washington elected mayor; Rob Mier becomes Commissioner of Economic Development.
After a near tie in the preliminary election, Ray Flynn defeats Mel King to become mayor of Boston.
1984 Peter Dreier releases Who Rules Boston?, a summary program for the Flynn mayoralty over the Democratic Socialists of America name.
1984 BCA wins 8-1 council majority outright; Gus Newport is mayor, 1984-86
1986 Loni Hancock elected Berkeley mayor, in office eight years; coopts "moderates."
1987 Washington dies in office, Mier and others continue under interim mayor Eugene Sawyer until fired at election of Richard M. Daley in May 1989. Daley continues some policies until 1995.
1989 Peter Clavelle, Sanders' community development director, Mayor in Burlington as Sanders wins congressional seat.
1993 Flynn leaves office in Boston to accept Ambassadorship to the Vatican. Thomas Menino becomes mayor continuing many policies.