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Assorted Publications on Computing at Cornell
MicroVAX systems Facilitate Energy Management and Control Cornell University (H Michael Newman)
Cornell University by Barbara Call, PC Week
Enormous Changes in Scholarly Publishing Expected as a Result of Advances in Information Technology - Chronicle of Higher Ed (M. Stuart Lynn)
The Untold Story of how the Internet Forced Bill Gates to reverse his Corporate Stategy by Kathy Rebello, Business Week
(references Steven Sinofsky visit to Cornell in 2/94 and seeing Bear Access)

Cornell Infobase - Online Info in the year 2000 about Cornell IT
edu Magazine - The Education Magazine of Digital Equipment Corporation Cornell University's Project Socrates - Issue No. 46
MicroVAX Systems Manage Energy Resources at Cornell University Issue No. 49 with Timeline and other supplemental Information about BACNet protocols by H. Michael Newman
Apple Macintosh Publications
Big Machine on Campus - Chris Pelkie about Apple's Desktop Publishing System at Cornell - 1987 . Apple University Arts - Online Time Cards; A New Way to "Punch In" at Cornell. (v 1, # 1) Winter 1998

IBM Publications
The Computer Age, The Evolution of IBM Computers DPD Digest - May 1976 - To computer - and Holmes, it's Elementary Chuck Brucken, Marketing Rep on PBM development

Application Brief - NSF Supercomputer Center based on IBM Mainframe And attached Processors (at Cornell University)
Application Brief - Computers Emerge as Important New Human Resource Management Tools (at Cornell University)
Application Brief - IBM 4381 Mainframe Computer Advances Social Science Research (at Cornell University)
Newsline Software Products - ADSM: A backup Solution for Cornell University