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MSA Management Systems and Analysis
Housing Lottery System Documentation
Non-Academic Retirement Plan
Cornell Store Inventory System
Cornell Facilities Inventory System Guide
EAS Tuition Program - design specs
Cornell Loan Programs
Report of the FAO/SAO Process Study Committee
Advanced Placement Subsystem
Procedure and Operations Manual

Missing Records Program - design specs 1974
Statistic File Extract Program - design specs
Term Average Card Program - design spec
SIS Test Plan
ACT/SISELECT Subsystem - design specs
Student Information Systems - SIS
Payroll/Personnel System Costs
VPI Student Record System
MSA Central File System
User's Requirements Documentation Guide
Hazeltine 2000 Terminal Guide
Database Administration at Cornell
Summary of Admin Data Processing
Admin Support System description
Motor Vehicle Data Base - design specs
Interim Summer Session Registration System report
Software Documentation for the Ballot Counting system
CU Project Admin Support System - design spec
Public Affairs Profile File - design specs
Revised Public Affairs Profile File
OCS Correspondence
Policies and Procedures
Payroll System
SBO Contract and Associated Costs
Agreement between SBO and OCS
IBM Instructional Computing Joint Study
Task Force on Computer Policy