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Jim Conti Correspondence (2 of 2)
April 2 - September 28, 1990. Memos authorizing filing of Improper Practice charges at several districts; letters re meetings, dinners, workshops, and other events; cover letters re safety and health violations at various school districts; letter to NYS Occupational Safety and Health Hazard Abatement Board, applying for multi-year contract under Training and Education Program, September 15; outline of remarks by Jim Conti to conference on arbitration in the public sector, September 14; Q & A sheet re required testing for commercial driver's licenses, with cover letters to NYSUT school bus drivers and local presidents, September 7; letter to NYSUT counsel James Sandner asking him to speak at Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals conference re liability issues, September 5; memo re program on Taylor Law at Le Moyne College, September 5; memo discussing two NYSUT Representative Assembly resolutions re prior public notice and comparable worth, August 30; letters to NYSUT present Tom Hobart and other NYSUT officials thanking them for agreeing to address the BOCES Leadership Conference, August 24; memo re bargaining status of locals statewide (in aggregate), August 22; letter recommending Thomas Sharkey to the American Arbitration Association panel, August 14; memo to regional staff directors requesting that they identify three to five locals in their region to target for an effort to increase their membership, August 9; memo re hearing for member of the VanderHeyden Hall Teachers Association, August 9; memo re decertification petition at Benjamin-Rush school district, July 19; memos re Excellence In Teaching funds dispute at Horseheads school district, July 19; summary of Part 83 decisions, noting that almost all had to do with sexual abuse and resulted in revocation of teaching certificates, July 16; letters re health insurance consortia (Orange-Ulster BOCES and East End Consortium on Long Island), July 12; confidential memo to NYCOSH Board of Directors re NYCOSH management salary increases, July 12; list of locals in Nassau, Suffolk, and Elmsford with either agency fee or union shop arrangements, July 12; memo re stop-loss insurance, July 11; memo re lack of cooperation by some locals in participating in health and safety training provided under a Department of Labor grant, July 10; letter to the director of Local Government and School District Affairs, CSEA, thanking him for publication, Throwing Away Our Future, noting that section, "Private Sector Not the Answer," demonstrated that privatization is never cheaper, July 10; cover letters to various documents, not attached