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Jim Conti Correspondence (Field Services)
October - December, 1990. Memos authorizing filing of Improper Practice charges at several districts; chain letter addressed to several union leaders in support of ending apartheid in South Africa, initiated by a professor at the University of South Africa, with list of circulation to date, November 20; request to Bill Keleher for any and all health and safety language in collective bargaining agreements, December 20; request to NYSUT counsel Bernard Ashe for opinion re Kidwell v. TCIU case, December 20; memo to NYSUT public relations director Peter Boespflug re Jobs with Justice Health Care Action Day, noting reluctance to get involved until differences with AFSCME were resolved, December 18; requests for reports on membership promotion campaigns for various locals, December 18; memo to Ray Sampson complimenting him for excellent research on what constitutes a strike, December 18; letters to several local presidents, urging them to reconsider receiving health and safety training, as it would affect the amount of a grant received by NYSUT, December 17; memo to file re meeting with Public Employment Relations Board re impact of state fiscal crisis on agency, legislation requiring it to become revenue-producing, December 17; BOCES Steering Committee meeting notice, December 14; inquiry to Chuck Santelli re WEC Student Teaching proposal, noting that coalition appeared to be dominated by management interests, December 14; request to NYSUT counsel Jim Sandner for analysis of the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act on Early Retirement incentive clauses, December 14; letter to state Department of Labor Hazard Abatement Board, nominating the New York Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides for a training grant, December 14; cover letters to notices of safety and health violations sent to school districts, December 3 and October 29; notice of OSHA training session, November 29; letters to regional staff directors notifying them of nomination to Blue Cross/Blue Shield Regional Advisory Council, November 28; memo to OSHA reps that NYSUT would conduct analysis of the AHERA Management Plans under a grant from the NYS Department of Labor, requesting copy of plan from each area, November 26; letter to NYSUT counsel Bernard Ashe re health and safety liability issues for science teachers, requesting meeting, November 21; memos to regional staff directors re health and safety training and assistance, November 16 and 8; letter to Roger Wheeler, whose daughter might have been entitled to additional pay at R-C-G BOCES, November 16; letter notifying Doreen Ellis, UFT, that she had been appointed to NYSUT Task Force on Safety and Health by Board of Directors, November 16; memo to regional staff directors requesting bargaining load of each labor relations specialist in their office, November 8; notice of sexual harassment training session, November 8; letter to director of field services of AFT, requesting assistance for Wappingers Federation of Transit Custodial and Maintenance Workers in resolving internal problems, November 8; letter to regional staff directors re membership promotion, targeted to a list of locals, with attached description of AFT Full Membership Program, October 24; memo to regional staff directors re right of State Education Department Division of Civil Rights and Intercultural Relations to review contracts for possible discriminatory clauses based on race, sex, age, and disabilities, October 22; memo requesting a copy of testimony at Assemblyman Richard Gottfried's hearing on indoor air pollution, October 19; memo directing that the Onondaga-Cortland-Madison BOCES local inform the Department of Labor that the district was not complying with the requirement that Right-to-Know training be provided, October 17; memo re new test for commercial drivers, October 11-12; letter to president of Roscoe Teachers Association re changes in staff assignments at NYSUT Mid-Hudson Regional Office, October 12; memo describing the Civil Service Participating Agencies Advisory Council, October 9; cover letters to various documents, not attached