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Series XXI. Class of 2006 [series]:
Design and Environmental Analysis [subseries]:
"Volumetric Deformation: A New Objective Measure to Study Chair Comfort Using 3D Body Scanning Technology," Anshu Agarwal (Online)
Division of Nutritional Sciences [subseries]:
"Effects of Male Aggressive Behavior on Female Mate Choice in Japanese Quail, Coturnix Japonica," Elizabeth Riccardi (CD#303)
"Escaping Food Insecurity: A Portrait of Several Rural New York Families Using Mixed-Methods Analysis," Megan Lent
Human Development [subseries]:
"Individual Differences in the Development of Effortful Control in Preschoolers," Hanna Muenke (CD#302)
"The Mediating Role of Preschool Play Behavior in the Relationship Between Poverty and First Grade Socioemotional Competence," Jennifer L. Rosenbaum (CD#304)
"Subclinical Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and its Relation to Academic Achievement and Defensive Pessimism," Mark Celano (CD#305)
"The Quality of Memory for Events that Alter Identity," Judith Katz (CD#306)