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Series XXI. Bound Manuscripts [series]:
AM Address Book (Bd.Ms.1)
In Shaw's hand; 70 pages of addresses in England, Ireland and the United States. Death dates for some. In case.

TM Alps and Balkans [Later known as Arms and the Man] (Bd.Ms.2 +)
Shaw's first commercially produced play. The three acts of the play are each in a separately labelled paper binder. In case with "Arms and the Man" label.

Androcles and the Lion Costume and Properties Drawings (Bd.Ms.3 +++)
Rutherston's original water color drawings for the costumes and properties used for the first production, in 1912. Oversize.

Arms and the Man scriptbook for Captain Bluntschli (Bd.Ms.4 +)
The scriptbook for the character Captain Bluntschli in the play "Arms and the Man". In slip case.

TM & Proofs The Artstruck Englishman (Bd.Ms.5 ++)
The typescript and galley proofs with autograph corrections.

Shaw Scrapbook (Bd.Ms.6 +)
Newpaper articles on Shaw and reviews of his plays on 360 pages. In case. Named Barry (originally was in the Cornell Barry Library)

Candida items (Bd.Ms.7 ++)
Contains 5 items relating to Shaw's play Candida. Mainly dealing with the government license and copyright. Includes expense receipt from matinee Mar. 30, 1895. Also printers invoice for "Arms and the Man", Mar. 27, 1895.

TM Caesar and Cleopatra Prologue (Bd.Ms.8 +)
Written by Shaw, original prologue as spoken at Drury Lane, 1912, composed as a substitute for the first scene, then omitted. Noted and signed by Shaw. In case. Named: Caesar.

TM[copy] Chance-Medley (Bd.Ms.9 +)
Written by Mrs. Patrick Campbell, corrected typescript of "Chance-Medley". 254 pages, carbon copy of typescript. Originally titled "Random Reminiscences", with three photograph [copies] of Mrs. Campbell. Bound.

Scrapbook of Newspaper Clippings (Bd.Ms.10 +)
Scrapbook containing clipped newspaper articles about Shaw and articles by Hugh de Selincourt. Only 27 pages of 100 used. Bound.

Miscellaneous Clippings File (Bd.Ms.11 ++)
12 items ranging from newspaper clippings to wedding invitations, theatre programmes and Geoffrey Whitworth portrait fund flyers. Included is a note by B.F. Burgunder describing the contents.

Shaw's Dublin Testimonal (Bd.Ms.12)
Original letter of recommendation for Shaw from his Dublin employers C. Uniacke Townshend Co. With photograph (and negative) of Shaw and John Thomas Gibbings when Shaw was 20. Included is note from Bernard F. Burgunder explaining the situation.

Elgar, Edward T[printed]M of The Severn Suite (Bd.Ms.13 ++)
London; 25 scores for the orchestra instruments and conductor for this piece which is dedicated "To My Friend George Bernard Shaw". In case.

Shaw. AM Evans, An Appreciation (Bd.Ms.14 ++)
Ayot St. Lawrence; Original manuscript of 18 page appreciation of [Frederick Henry] Evans, written by Shaw and annotated by Charlotte Shaw, bound into book form.

Farleigh, John D[woodcuts] The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God (Bd.Ms.15 ++)
Proof impressions of woodcuts illustrating Shaw's book; 22 plates, prints no.8 of 9 signed copies printed. In case with Shaw's portrait on inside front cover.

Ewens, Eric TM Shaw's First Play (Bd.Ms.16 ++)
An account of the genesis, performances, and reception of "Widowers' Houses" in 1892. Drawn from contemporary and later accounts, criticisms and other documents by Eric Ewens. Produced by Terence Tiller; inscribed on front "producers working copy-- Terence Tiller". Bound into book form, 33 pages of revised and annotated script.

Books From Shaw's Library (Bd.Ms.17-18 +)
Study of 46 volumes and inserts which belonged to Bernard Shaw and members of his family. List and letters giving descriptions and provenance. Item 18 is a copy of item 17 although with some additions and subtractions. In black spring loaded binders.

Shaw TM & Printed Geneva (Bd.Ms.19 ++)
Original typescript, with manuscript corrections and additions; galley proofs and page proofs of Shaw's play Geneva. In clamshell box.

Shaw AM Getting Married (Bd.Ms.20)
Two small notebooks written by Shaw both in script and shorthand. Contains other notes in pencil. Boxed together in clamshell box. With notes and letter by B.F. Burgunder about its acquisition.

Shaw's Glass Photo (Bd.Ms.21)
Original glass negative of Shaw. Includes modern print and negative. In clamshell box; Original box is separately housed in envelope next to the glass negative..

Shaw TM How to Become a Musical Critic (Bd.Ms.22 ++)
Original corrected typescript and a subsequent proof of "How to Become a Music Critic", edited by Dan H. Laurence. Bound in a clamshell box with a note from B.F. Burgunder on the purchase of it.

Shaw Printed M How to Become a Musical Critic (Bd.Ms.23)
Second proof, corrected by Dan H. Laurence. Inscribed by Laurence to Harry Mushlin.

Shaw's Music Reviews (Bd.Ms.24 +)
Corrected proof page copies of the principal "uncollected" pieces added to "Shaw's Music" by Laurence. In black spring loaded binder.

D Inventory & Valuation of Property at 10 Adelphi Terrace W.C., London (Bd.Ms.25 ++)
Inventory and valuation of the property of Mrs. Bernard Shaw taken for the purposed of fire insurance in March, 1908. 54 pages of listings and signed by Gillows. Bound into book with leather binding..

Shaw TL & AL to Lord Kennet of the Dene (Bd.Ms.26 +)
Shaw's letter to Kennet was 3 pages of type and 2 pages of handwritten shorthand about Apsley George Benet Cherry-Garrard, Shaw's neighbor, and how he came to write "The Worst Journey in the World" concerning his travels to Antartica with Robert Falcon Scott. Bound into a book.

Shaw AM[fragment] The Irrational Knot (Bd.Ms.27 ++)
One page of original holograph manuscript (page 642) with Shaw's signature on verso. With note from Harry Mushlin on Shaw and revisions. Bound into leather bound book.

Shaw TL[carbon] to Charlotte (Payne-Townshend) Shaw (Bd.Ms.28 +)
About 250 leaves of copies of G. B. S's letters to Mrs. Shaw. The originals are in the British Museum. In black spring loaded binder.

"Leonora" A[note] to Shaw (Bd.Ms.29)
Shaw's note with flower and envelope from an early "love", only known as Leonora. In clamshell box.

Shaw AM[fragment] Love Among the Artists (Bd.Ms.30 ++)
In Shaw's hand, Book II, Chapter I, 23 pages, original manuscript with corrections. In leather slipcase.

Shaw AM[fragment] Love Among the Artists (Bd.Ms.31 ++)
In Shaw's hand, Book II, Chapter IV, 24 pages, original manuscript with corrections. In leather slipcase.

Shaw D Man and Superman (Bd.Ms.32 ++)
All of the original documents relating to the Copyright Performance of "Man and Superman". Includes license, box office return, 2 letters and 3 typed pages of an acting version with cuts and new connecting dialogue. In clamshell box.

"Masks and Faces" Picture Play Scrapbook (Bd.Ms.33 +)
64 photographs made by The Ideal Film Renting Co. as a souvenir for Miss Irene Vanbrugh, one of the stars of the film. In 1921 Shaw asked her to star in "Jitta's Atonement" but she was unable to do so due to other commitments.

Scrapbook of Shaw Clippings (Bd.Ms.34 ++)
A scrapbook with 55 leaves of clippings of reviews of Shaw's plays and articles about Shaw. Included is one program for "Widowers House".

Shaw Printed Music in London (Bd.Ms.35 ++)
Scrapbook of 116 pages with clipping of Shaw's music reviews contributied to "The World" between April 8, 1891 and August 8, 1894.

Shaw AM Musical Themes from Wagner (Bd.Ms.36 ++)
Scrapbook of 8 leaves including 4 leaves of muscial notations done by Shaw (one on the back of a British Museum call slip). Included is a printed article by Florence Boylston Pelo, "Bernard Shaw - Musician". Bound into a book with red leather binding.

Shaw TMS Conscientious Objectors (Bd.Ms.37 ++)
Original Typewritten Manuscript, with corrections, of 9 leaves and proof Sheets with autograph corrections. Bound into book with black leather binding.

O'Connor, Mrs. T. P. AM & Printed "Bernard Shaw's Superman Manuscript" (Bd.Ms.38)
Bound into a book, 9 autograph manuscript leaves by Mrs. O'Connor with 3 leaves by the Editor of "The Booklman's Journal" who published it in their publication, third series, vol. XVII, no. 9 [April, 1929] Also included is a printed version with Shaw's comments at the end in his hand, signed and dated 5/4/29

Shaw AM Political Science Lecture Notes (Bd.Ms.39)
Lectures notes on 12 slips of paper and envelope for a lecture at the Columbia University Academy of Political Science in New York City on April 11, 1933. Also included is the program for that event. In portfolio.

Shaw AM Honour to J. T. Grein Speech (Bd.Ms.40 +)
In Shaw's hand, 9 leaves of a speech Shaw wrote for Mrs. Patrick Cambell to read at the dinner given in honour of J. T. Grein, the founder of the "Independant Theatre" of the '90's. Also included is a transcription of the text. In slip case.

Shaw TL[carbon] to Molly Tompkins (Bd.Ms.41 ++)
A bound volume of typed transcripts of Shaw's correspondence with Molly Tompkins. She was an American actress with whom he reportedly had an affair. Peter Tompkins has now published these, his mother's letters.

Gene Tunney Letters (Bd.Ms.42 +)
Volume of photocopies of letters to Gene Tunney, many from Shaw, both handwritten and typed. Tunney and Shaw became very good friends and admired each other.

TM The Upanishads (Bd.Ms.43 ++)
Volume of typescript of Hindu Metaphysics translated into English, which belonged the Charlotte Shaw and contain her holograph notes in pencil throughout. Note by B.F. Burgunder included.

Burgunder, Bernard F. AM & TM Desiderata Lists (Bd.Ms.44 +)
Notebook full of lists B.F.B. wanted to purchase concerning G. Bernard Shaw.

Wells, Geoffrey H. Printed Bibliography of the Books and Pamphlets of George Bernard Shaw (Bd.Ms.45 +)
Bound into a book the Supplement to "The Bookman's Journal" of 1925 is this 24 page bibliography. Added to it is B. F. Burgunder's listing of Shaw items in the Collection of Bernard F. Burgunder, numbered according to the Wells bibliography.


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Shaw A[shorthand]M The Worst Journey in the World Postscript (Bd.Ms.47 +)
Bound into a book is the holograph first draft written and corrected in shorthand by Shaw. Included is a transcription of it.

Shaw TM The Garden of Eden [In the Beginning] (Bd.Ms.48 +)
Bound into a book this original draft transcript by Shaw was the first play of the cycle "Back to Methuselah".

Deruelle, Marcel TM G.B. Shaw als Dramaturg. (Bd.Ms.49 +)
Book-length typewritten manuscript on George Bernard Shaw, with portraits of him mounted on plates.

Motoring Papers and Pictures (Bd.Ms.50 ++)
Folders from Shaw's personal files containing correspondence and photographs concerning automobiles he owned: a Lanchester "straight eight" (1930-1935), and a Rolls Royce (1935-1939). The file on the Rolls Royce includes a design drawing of its interior and exterior and correspondence with the dealer. Also includes papers from Arthur Mulliner Limited about the customization of Joyce's Rolls Royce 20/25. In between the folders are other papers, including a smaller folder labelled in Shaw's hand "My motor bicycles, 1913-1932," and a small file on "The old Lorraine Dietrich car, 1908-1923." Photographs depict Shaw with his Rolls Royce, portrait shots of Shaw and of his chauffeur, Kilsby, and Kilsby with an earlier car.