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4 Southern Pacific Uptown Yard A-B-C-D and E
Looking West AandB yard to right of ice docks are tracks that are switched through interlocking no 47 signal display of track most of switches are located on engineers side, C yard is a classification yard trains made up for departure both on TXNO and East line tracks 17 through 28 Come into one lead switches are on engineers side Most North line trains are yarded in this yard except perishable and about 1/2 are yarded on track 17 B yard also a puzzle cross over comes from D and E yard, into track 28 from left side of cross over W-3 Dand E yards are also switched from east end. E yard lead is a curved lead has a crossover in to D yard lead from left side Pictures 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11 taken at El Paso Texas Nov 14th 1960 12:15 pm