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Northeast Department
Includes: Ralph Reuter addresses members- 91/15/59; workers cheer NLRB vote victory over PGMA- Lackawanna Dress- Scranton-5/15/60; members of Local 185 demonstrate outside Mt. Carmel plant of Rhoda Lee firm 3/15/60; portrait of Jack Halpern; organizing committee from Northeast Department Allentown-Reading district pinpoint future targets on maps- Ida Berger; Business Agent Paul Strongin, field supervisor Jack Halpern, Viola Rehrig, Business Agent Al Campus, PA Organization Director Sol Hoffman and Manager Oscar Newman-2/1/60; Workers and Congressman James Quigley hold "Kennedy" sign at Harrisburg airport- 10/15/60; picketing main entrance of Tidy Products in Quarryville, PA; Jackie and John Kennedy- 1//15/60; "It's Up to You" sign held by participants of Southern New England District Council education institute at University of Connecticut 8/15/60; workers of Norwich Frocks picket in Meriden CT 4/1/60; picketing main entrance of Tidy Products in Quarryville, PA hand out leaflets in support of Kennedy 11/15/60; "It's Up To You" sign held by participants of Southern New England District Council Education Institute at the University of Connecticut 8/15/60; workers of Norwich Frocks picket in Meriden Connecticut 4/1/60; locked-out workers of Max Wiesen and Sons in Manhattan join other ILGWU'ers in PA on picket line- 5/15/61; workers of Elegante in North Bergen, NJ protest 6/1/61; reception honoring Esther Peterson- director of Labor Department's Women's Division- includes: Health Center Director James Barker, Manager Mary Levin of Northern New England District Council, Vice President Philip Kramer, manager of Boston Joint Board and Assistant District Attorney Ed Kennedy 4/15/61; Governor David Lawrence wears Local 111 hat at union label display booth in Allentown, PA- looking on is Bonnie Segal, Manager Jake Gordon and Anne Alpern- 10/1/61; Deis of a dinner commemorating the Wyoming Valley District's 25th Anniversary in Wilkes-Barre, PA include: District Manager Min Matheson, ILGWU vice presidents David Gingold; Charles Zimmerman, Governor David Lawrence, Senator Joseph Clark, and Representative Dan Flood- 3/2/62; picket line at Barmon Brothers in Buffalo, NY 2/1/62; MA governor John A. Volpe signs bill outlawing homework in state garment industry- includes- Mary Levin- manager of Northern New England's District Council, James Broyer- AFL-CIO legislative representative Vice President Phil Kramer manager of Boston Joint Board and State Senator A. Frank Foster- 5/15/62; ILG'ers from Harrisburg, Pottsville, and Allentown areas gathered in Philadelphia around liberty bell- 1/1/62; Assistant Manager Al Fraioli on behalf of Local 24 members parents Cardinal Cushing with a check while Manager Henry Brides looks on- 2/1/62; Alec Karesky manager of Northeast Department's Upstate NY; Vermont District Council presents Philip Hoff w/ award as Evelyn Dubrow looks on- 12/15/62; Local 93, Reading, PA meet their congressman George Rhodes on the capitol stelps 6/1/63; workers of Bannon Mills, Lebanon crowd around Sol Hoffman as he explains NLRB decision- 8/28/63; picket lines at Fall River Knitting Mills in MA 6/1/63; Northeast Department Scranton District Council members posed in front of fire headquarters inaugurating its fire warden program- 11/1/63; protest demonstration by 2,000 outside Americus Hotel in Allentown, PA 3/15/64; picket lines in Scranton and Harriburg 3/1/64; ILGWU protest Governor's Scranton's cut of unemployment insurance beneftis- 4/1/64; portrait of David Gingold; VP Gingold details economic terms of new agreement reached w/ Barbizon of Jessup, Pa 8/15/65