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Midwest Region
Includes: Presentation of Hisadrut Award to Morris Bialis Chicago, June 20, 1959 with Pat Gorman - Sectary-Treasurer of Amalgamated Meat Cutter, Lois Stulberg General Secretary-Treasurer ILGWU, Morris Bialis Vice President ILGWU, William A. Lee President Chicago Federation of Labor and Julius Ginsberg, 7/1/59; Local 206 members picket Jeanette Frocks in Minneapolis (included in photo are Lucille Waldera, Adele Molitor, Ethel Rhiners, Irene Bowerman, Dolores Johnson (manager local), Leone Erion, Mary Davis, Judith Arme, Tressie Martin, Genevieve Scott and chairlady Emily Shurts), no date; banner "ILGWU supports Kennedy" holding banner are: Jimmy Schwartz, Assistant Director Harold Schwartz, Harry Rufer, Nortbert Leisil, and Richard Zwerback 11/15/60; Bennie Brown, Executive Director of the Chicago Conference for Brotherhood looks on as Tom Mboya, African laborite shakes hands with Vice President Bialis, 3/15/62; First regional education conference at center desk are Harold Schwartz - Assistant Director of Region, Vice President Morris Bialis - Regional Director and Evelyn Dubrow, Executive Director of ILGWU Political Department; L. Axelrod, President of Local 5 and Vice President of Chicago Joint Board is honored at his 65th Birthday party by Federation of Jewish Trades Unions (Bialis hands him award), 3/24/62; Vice President Morris Bialis, Director of Midwest Region, greets George Paris who has retired and Raymond Machajeski, President of Local 188 in Milwaukee, 8/15/62; Martha Hill and Jean Copeland, Local 491 members picket during a McLoughlin Manufacturing Company Strike, 5/1/62; Ann Kacyar Sharron Eubanks, La Donna Dismaro, Alcetha Farlow ad Frances Mosley on a float in the Tri-County Day parade, 10/1/63; Henry Peterson and Local 486 member Loretta Lutes man an ILGWU union label booth at the Du Quoin State Fair, 10/1/63; Celebration marking 50th Anniversary of Labor Department with Vice President Morris Bialis, Labor Secretary W. Willard Wirtz, Reuben Soderstrom head of Illinois AFL-CIO, Congressman Roman Fucinski and Paul Iaccino Assistant to President of Chicago, 4/15/63; At Illinois State AFL-CIO Convention in Chicago Senator Paul Douglas is greeted by Assistant Regional Director Harold Schwartz, Linda Smith Midwest Region union label activities director and Vice President Morris Bialis, 11/1/63; Midwest ILGWU picket Marathon Rubber Products in Wau Saw, WI, 8/1/64; Vice President Morris Bialis and Governor Otto Kerner of Illinois at a meeting, 8/1/64; President David Dubinsky addressing staffers and Executive Board members of Chicago Locals at Midwest Region headquarters, on stage Harold Schwartz and Vice President Morris Bialis, 8/15/64; Vice President Morris Bialis, Midwest Region Director and Jacob Siegal, chairman of the Jewish Labor Committee congratulate A. Phillip Randolph on his award from the Labor Conference on Civil Rights, 12/1/64; Roley-Poley Pickets Chicago black woman, no date