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Series I. Formation of Program through 1970-1980's

Series II. General Programs 1970s-2004

Series III. Oral History & Literacy Programs

Series IV. Migrant Farmworker Housing

Series V. Discrimination, Cultural Groups & Multi-Cultural Arts Project

Series VI. Health

Series VII. Pesticides & Occupational Health

Series VIII. Services

Series IX. Education & Children

Series X. Labor Management Programs

Series XI. Agricultural Careers Development Project

Series XII. Labor Management - Cornell

Series XIII. Labor Management - California

Series XIV. Farm Labor Laws and Regulations

Series XV. Government Bodies & Groups

Series XVI. Immigration


Series XVIII. Migrant Education Clippings & News/Views

Series XIX. News/Views 1992-2000

Series XX. Farm Labor Research (by person's name)

Series XXI. Cornell Extension Programs Related to Labor

Series XXII. Immigration Policy & Reports

Series XXIII. Immigration Coalition & New York Immigration Issues

Series XXIV. Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Series XXV. Historical Papers & Cornell Traveling Museum Exhibit: "Coming Up on the Season"

Series XXVI. Farm Labor Topics - N.Y. & Other States

Series XXVII. Health & Field Sanitation II

Series XXVIII. Ag. Work Force PWT & Immigrants in Rural Communities

Series XXIX. Alton Office - Kay Embrey, 1990-2005

Series XXX. Labor Management - California

Series XXXI. Farmworker Rights in New York & Other States

Series XXXII. Agencies & Services in Wayne County & New York State

Series XXXIII. Communications

Series XXXIV. Photographs and Slides

Series XXXV. Literacy

Series XXXVI. Action/Cooperative Communication Between Home & School

Series XXXVII. Substance Abuse

Series XXXVIII. Videos/Audiotapes

Series XXXIX. Cornell Migrant Program and Cornell

Series XL. Albany Day Marches/Press

Series XLI. Coursework