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Organizing Correspondence
Debriefing memo analyzing the unsuccessful UHS (United Health Services hospitals) campaign, December 19; leaflets and radio scripts for AFT clerical campaign, December 19; organizing bulletins; memo suggesting special services for organizing committees, inducements for potential members, December 10; letter to NYSUT president Tom Hobart from assistant director of organizing for Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals, asking him to identify locals with members in health-related occupations not currently in FNHP, November 21; letter to Jim Conti from managing editor of FNHP Healthwire, asking to be put on NYSUT newsletter mailing list, October 29; draft article by NYSUT organizing coordinator John O'Leary re differences between union certification and recognition, with cover memo seeking comments from organizers, October 31; memo re employer tactics, emphasizing threat of strikes, in lead-up to representation election at United Health Services, November 11; outline for Local Presidents' Handbook, with request from Jim Conti to John O'Leary that he write section on organizing, November 10; letters from Jim Conti to organizers and field representatives, congratulating them on win or encouraging them on defeats, September-October; memo from John O'Leary re the best use of organizing dollars, July 15; memo re actions of PERB administrative law judge, called unprofessional and prejudicial by John O'Leary, at certification petition conference by NEANY for Edwards Russell Central School District, June 23; memo listing representation election results at various schools, June 27; NYSUT Statement of Intent for Organizing Registered Nurses; summary of remarks of ILGWU presentation on use of polling in organizing campaigns at 1986 Midwest healthcare organizers conference, noting extreme aversion to prospect of strikes among nurses; articles from Scientific American, re tendency of voters to vote for challenger in presidential elections if they perceive their economic status as having deteriorated, and New York Times, re deterioration of real income among Americans, with cover memo to organizers re implications for receptivity to unionizing among middle class workers, July 14; brochure prepared for Benedictine organizing campaign, "What's In It for You? Straight Answers to Common Questions about FNHP/NYSUT"; four-page memo to Jim Conti from John O'Leary re organizing budget, October 2, 1985; six-page memo from O'Leary, "Organizing Effectiveness, Preliminary Report," June 23, 1986; memo from Tom Hobart to NYSUT Board of Directors re results of elections involving AFT in Broward County, Florida, June 12; memo re contingency plans to remain open during previously scheduled vacation shutdown to accommodate organizing campaigns in Binghamton and Kingston, May 23; memo urging support for legislation in Assembly that would prohibit health-care agencies from being reimbursed for representation election expenses, making it less likely that facilities would pay for anti-union consultants, June; memo updating on feasibility of organizing Visiting Nurse Service ancillary staff for the UFT, May 12; memo from O'Leary detailing the organizing operation, noting long-term nature of cultivating leads, need for flexibility, May 12; memo re budget appropriation for special organizing projects, calling dramatic reduction a penalty for prudent management the year before and a disincentive to spending restraint, May 2; memo, "Why the Organizing Staff Should Not Be Reduced," April 21; notice to NYSUT from the National Labor Relations Board that a petition for certification of representation election at the Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital had been filed by the Teamsters, April 28, with attached documents; memo re Entry into Practice bill, held up in committee, which would require a BA degree for Registered Nurses and an AAS degree for associate nurses and eliminate the designation Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), with committee bill memorandum, listing groups in support and opposition, points of argument in support and opposition, May 30; memo from Jim Conti requesting any information about pending legislation in the health-care area, speaker for meeting of Federation of Nurses & Health-Related Professionals (FNHP), April 25; memo from O'Leary recommending changes to PERB rules for certification of representation election, submitted in response to request for comments by PERB, April; memo to organizers from O'Leary re Supreme Court decision overturning NLRB rule requiring all employees in a bargaining unit to vote on affiliation of an independent union with a national or international union, cautioning that other rules must be followed carefully, April 14; inquiry from O'Leary as to whether there was any pending legislation to amend law dealing with patients' rights or reporting patient abuse, April 8; copy of NEA-NY Advocate, with cover memo to O'Leary from Jim Conti suggesting he read it before attending their convention, March; memo to organizers re generating computerized contact cards, March 4; memo to O'Leary re computerized filing system, January 14; memo from O'Leary re college organizing, recommending that National Labor Relations Act be amended to give NLRB jurisdiction over college faculty, with cover memo from Jim Conti asking whether AFT was planning to propose amendments, March; memo from O'Leary suggesting proposing legislation clarifying process for mergers, consolidations, and annexations of school districts, especially BOCES districts, November 25, 1985, with reply from Jim Conti, March 27, 1986; Schenectady Gazette newspaper clipping re deputy executive director of President's Commission on Organized Crime, which was recommending random drug tests for federal employees, who refused the request of the chair of a House Civil Service subcommittee to give a sample of his own urine before testifying, March 19, 1986; Report by AFL-CIO Committee on the Evolution of Work on the Changing Situation of Workers and Their Unions, February 27, 1985, with cover memo to organizers and discussion guide for local unions; memo from O'Leary recommending NYSUT associate membership, March 3; State Education Department Public School Professional Personnel Report, 1984-1985; letter to NYSUT president Tom Hobart from president of United Professional Nurses Association (UPNA), expressing regret that they were unable to achieve a working relationship, February 25; letter from O'Leary to president of UPNA, informing her that Federation of Nurses and Health-Related Professionals would likely become NYSUT's Division of Nursing, February 5; list of organizing successes since November 1985 through January 3, 1986; list of new units organized in 1985, November 14; memo outlining procedures for returning calls that come in to the 800 number for organizing, November 17, 1985; memo to O'Leary from NYSUT public relations director re organizing marking campaign for nurses, with attached materials, January 6, 1985