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Scrapbook: Oral Expression Division of Extension Teach. Prize Speaking Contests
Contains photographs of speaking contest winners. Includes programs and newspaper clippings about the Eastman Stage, the Farm Life Challenge Contest, and the Elsie Van Buren Rice Stage. Clippings come from publications including the Cornell Daily Sun, The Ithaca Journal, and the New York Times.

A few letters to and from Andrew D. White pertaining to Public Speaking Contests

Annual Rice Debate Stage Photographs, 1932-1935, 1938-1940, 1942, 1943, 1947, 1949-1951, 1954, 1958-1962
Annual Eastman-Rice Stage Photographs
Miscellaneous Contest Photographs
Third Annual Farm Life Challenge Contest, February 10, 1930

Woodford Prize Speaking, January 6, 1971

Silver Anniversary of the Rice Debate Stage

Golden Anniversary of the Eastman Stage in Public Speaking

Eastman-Rice Speeches
1967-Donald R Fox, Margaret Foster "Role of the Modern Woman", Ralph J Hemminger "America's Commitment to the Hungry", Richard Hernan

1968-Percival Prince "Racial Harmony in a Multi-Racial Society of the British Caribbean", Ira Lipsky, Timothy Schiavoni "The Middle Generation", Brooke Breslow

Annual Eastman Stage Public Speaking Photographs, 1912, 1914, 1916-1919, 1921-1926, 1928,1929, 1933, 1936, 1938-1940
Annual Eastman Stage Public Speaking Photographs
Elsie Van Buren Rice Speaking Contest Speeches
1946- Doris Dittman "The Psychology of Fashion", Joan Fulton "Atomic Age Alternatives", Barbara Benisch "Friendship, The Foundation of World Order", Vivian Hoffman "Japan Needs Emancipated Women", Martha Murrell "Woman: The Eternal Homemaker"

1947-Isabel Cascarella "Women Also Paid", Jean Dunlavey "Women are on a Spot", Unknown "Tolerance is what You Make It", Olga Myslichuk "Women's Rights"

1948- Elodie Mayer "Qualifications for Leadership", Kessel "The Meaning of Success", Carol Lee "Homemaking Comes First"

1949- Marilyn Gruenberg " Let's Teach Our Children Religion", Agnes Ronaldson "Educating for Peace", Olga Myslichuk "The Need for Religious Education in our High Schools", Julie Rosenkraus "Complacency- the Enemy Within"

1950- Margaret Bailey "The Value of Community Organizations", Gertrude Strong "Are You Building America?", Elaine Rose "Summer Camping as an Educational Experience", Cort "Your Life Investment---Health"

Elsie Van Buren Rice Speaking Contest Speeches
1951- Joanne Gully "Education for Marriage", Laurina J Smith "The Responsibility of Education", Betty Dean "Women Can Bring Peace", Elizabeth Lightfoot "Just a Housewife"

1952- Elizabeth Dean "Trying Not to Keep Up with the Jones", Nancy Paine,

1953- Doris Smith "Women as Citizens", Elizabeth Rothermal, Jane Ann Hughes "America's Unsung Heroine", Spangenberger

1954- Irene Adler, Nancy Paine "Education Toward Marriage", Doris Smith "The College and the Homemaker"

1955- Mary Neill "What Real Security Means", Ruth Amsden "What Can I Do Now, Mother?"

1956- Phyllis Rettinger "In Defense of Advertising", Alayne Czurles "Scouting for a Better Tomorrow", Rita Rausch "A Girl Finds Her Place"

Elsie Van Buren Rice Speaking Contest Speeches
Unknown Title And Date- Rothermel, Elaine Rose, Sally Jane Stephens, Betsy Anne Alexander

Unknown Author and Date- "Education-Preparation for Life", "Let's Call a Halt!"

Unknown Date Only- Marjorie Relyea "What 4-H Means to Me", Susan F Cohen "A Woman of Worth", Elaine Wagner "Making Marriage Work", Kathleen Kendrick "What Makes a Home", Margery Schmidt "Vocational Guidance in High Schools", Hazel Bowdren "What 4-H Has Meant to Me", Kendrick "Making the Most of What We Have", Hazel Bowdren "It's A Great Life", Felice Bernstein "Sexuality of Women", Elizabeth Delane "The Woman's Place", Anita Ades "What College has Done for Me", Carol Harris "Our Partners in Education", Ruth Clarke "Religion at Cornell University"

Scrapbook of Professor George Abram Everett
Contains an unlabeled photograph, Newspaper clippings from various publications, including the Post Standard, Watertown Times, and the Cornell Daily Sun. The clippings vary in content, but generally involve either war or the production of Kermis (which includes a program). Also, a few letters to Professor Everett.