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Papers of Katherine Pollak Ellickson. [series]:
Minutes of meetings. Includes press releases of meetings, pencil notes and typescript drafts. Roll 1.
Other notable meetings. Roll 1.
Press releases. Roll 1.
Key printed material. Roll 1.
Notes on conferences and interviews. Arranged by industrial groupings. Roll 1.
Articles and speeches. Roll 1.
Clippings. Roll 1.
Membership figures. Roll 1.
A.F. of L. material. Roll 1.
Industry Studies: Aluminum, Autos, Coal, and Steel. Roll 1.
Chartering. Roll 2.
Mailing, sorting and filing. Roll 2.
Lists. Roll 2.
Field reports (forms for filing & form letters). Roll 2.
Field men. Roll 2.
Bookkeeping and record systems. Roll 2.
Report of October 11, 1937. Roll 2.
Memoranda, 1937. Roll 2.
Speech of January 1937. Notes and drafts. Roll 2.
Brophy's speeches. Roll 2.
Supreme Court and NLRB Decision. Roll 2.
Issuing charters. Roll 2.
Applications - lists and reports. Roll 2.
Local industrial unions - plans. Roll 2.
Industrial Union Councils. Roll 2.
Procedures in establishing local unions, organization of locals, constitutions and by-laws, standing rules. Roll 3.
Unemployment. Roll 3.