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Series VI. Photographs/Slides [series]:
(Specific descriptions of photos in the following folders can be found in the box 5 list)
Dedication of the 1968 Addition- Alumni Association, 1968
Dedication of the 1968 Addition- Institute Luncheon 1968
Alumni Breakfast, 1980 and 1988
Alumni Association, 1976-1981
Orientation, 1970
Dedication of the 1968 Addition, 1968
Resolution Regarding the Appointment of a Dean of the New York State College of Home Economics at Cornell University, and Correspondence (1931)
Photos of MVR outside and inside
Martha Van Rensslaer Courtyard and Walkway Campaign Mailing Pamphlet
2 Assorted Unlabeled Construction Photos and 1 Negative
5 Assorted South Entrance to Martha Van Rensselaer Hall
4 Assorted Sketches of Martha Van Rensselaer Hall
Shot of Display Case "Marcia Field '61"
Shot of Display Case "Flemmie Kittrell 1904-1980"
Shot of Display Case "Recent D.E.A. Graduates"
3 Copies- Shot of Display Case "Did You Know?"
Shot of Display Case "Agnes Boncek '69 : Businesswoman and Needleworker"
Shot of Clothing Display
Rodney T. Hunter Angst and Fabric (1974)
Reading Room-1940
Photos of Human Ecology students and staff at work
4 Assorted Day Care Center: Chaquana Johnson
3 Copies Literacy Program: Corwin Jacobs '94, John Then, Majosy Tavares, Majely Tavares
2 Assorted Lab
Building Model
House Construction
Earl R. Flansburgh, FAIA and Pamela Mecca Seymour
Chair and Shelving Construction
Computer Use
Work Room
Photos of the New Wing Dedication, 1968
Controller Arthur H. Peterson, Dean Blanding and Dean Canoyer (May 13, 1968)
V.I.P. Luncheon following Dedication. William (Bill Costello), Jean Failing (May 13, 1968)
Candyce Smith (May 15, 1968)
Lucy Maltby, A. Kiplinger, D. Wickham, HGC, C. Cook, C. Smith, Flemmie Kittrell (May 13, 1968)
Don J. Wickham, New York State Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets (May 13, 1968)
Institute Luncheon (May 14, 1968)
"Extension teaching with modern demonstration techniques."
Negative: Home Economics Stage, February 11, 1941: Barbara Cross '44, Ruth Cothran '41, Betsy Kaudiko '44, Laurine Raiber '41, Helen Douty '41, Jane Brown '41
"A group of 4-H Club agents using a new foods laboratory."
"Thirteenth Annual Elsie Van Buren Rice Stage, March 25, 1953: J.A. Hughes '53, K. Kendrick '53, D.S. Smith '55, E.L. Spangenberger '53, H.L. Bowdren '55, E. Rothermel '56
Winners of New York State Home Bureau Scholarships (5/29/50): Dorothy Dean, Elizabeth Lightfoot, Virginia Foster, Barbara Phillips, Mary Alice Moore, Harriet Baisley, Mina Brown, Marjorie Relyea
Farm and Home Week, February 1934
April 18, 1948: Isabel Gibson Soarles, Marilyn Vandernorf, Bernice Hopkins, Virginia Howse Miller, Addie Husted, Aimee N. Moore
"Unidentified State Fair exhibit showing kitchen designed to use electricity supplied by an overshoot water wheel. Probably 1920's."
"An extension school being conducted in Dansville, N.Y., Livingston Co., by Miriam Birdseye. 1916"
"4-H Club girls canning carrots around 1915-1918."
"Miss Clara Browning instructing students in the 'new' Comstock Hall foods laboratory in 1913 or 1914."
Unidentified Group on Stairs
Miscellaneous Photos, 1940's
Home Economics Stage: February 11, 1941: Barbara Cross '44, Betsy Kavaiko '44, Helen Dowy '41, Ruth Cothran '41, Laurine Raiber '41, Jane Brown '41
"Raw Materials for meals for 2 elderly persons for a week (at a total cost of $5.95) are displayed in a student demonstration in meal planning class"
"Recipes and materials are checked in the test kitchen before being used in extension bulletins: Lola Lackey, Marion Pfund, Anna Willman"
"A Study of the iron requirements of 13 year old girls. Controlled diets and all excretions were analyzed for iron"
"Research Project: a study of the absorption of iron from beef by college freshmen who ate a controlled diet for 10 weeks"
"369 leader training meetings and demonstrations were held in New York State by food and nutrition specialists in 1948"
"13 year old girls keeping a memory book of their experiences as 'human guinea pigs'"
"13 year old girls eating a meal during their experiences as 'human guinea pigs'"
"Hume Demonstration agents are given training in projects they will be teaching in their counties: ?, Mildred Hume, Mrs. Hixon"
"Research on Plates of frozen pre-cooked foods. Storage studies done in cooperation with the U.S. Navy. Plates are heated in special ovens on the Navy transport planes."
"Extension specialists. In food and nutrition test recipes to be used in teaching extension groups in the cainnes: Jeannette Besk Worstall, Mrs. Lola Hudgean, Therese Wood"
"Graduate assistants plan laboratory experiments for a class in science related to food preparation"
Miscellaneous Photos, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's
"Barb Wooten and Sue Rhinehart (McCall employee examining a garment sent in by a dissatisfied customer. (12/13/77)"
Fran Holmes Kozen 1972: December 2- Dean's Lecture Luncheon
Hillary Sokolsky, Diane Johnson, Sandra Winkley, Connie Lazoration, Lois Bottone, Heather Anderson
Dec 2, 1983: New York City Phonathon
EVBR Award 1983
Linda Teelon, Marybeth Ostrom: Career Fair 1983
Career Fair 1983
2 Assorted Binghamton 12/84
4 Assorted Student/Alumni Reception 3/84
Elmira Symposium 1984: C. Personius, B. Hopkins
1985, Sally Harms, Helen Vandervort
Costume Collection Exhibit Opening 1991
HDFS 465: Multicultural Media in Manhattan Field Trip Oct 4, 1991
Pack of Photos: October 25, 1991: Sam Beck's class trip to Chinatown
Alumni Group Photos
2 Copies- Unidentified Group Shot
2 Assorted Unidentified Group Shots
2 Copies (Assorted Size)- Alice Rivoire, Carolyn Cook, Jay Hoffman, Eleanor Randles, Marybeth Astrom, Karen Mines, Bernice Pine, Dorothy Spencer, Helen Vandervort, Cris Gardren, Betty Howell, Sally Harms, Cindy Fharne, Barbara Freed, Marti Dumas, Jane Gare, Jane MacDonald, Susan Whiting
8 Assorted Unidentified Luncheon
Diane Kermani
9 Assorted Unidentified Luncheon
Alum Leaders: Laura Ellis reports for the Grants ad Loans Committee as Bernice Hopkins listens
17 Assorted Unidentified Conference
Nancy Weber
3 Assorted Unidentified
Alumni Assembly Board Members Retiring: C. Gardner, Alice Rivoire
"Nancy Lynk '52 chats with Robert Campos-Marquetti '79 during an Albany career/networking reception. The capital district event drew over 50 alumni, students and friends."
16 Assorted Unidentified Career Fair (?)
Carolyn Legg, Sally Harms
60th Birthday Cake
Helen Vandervort
7 Assorted Unidentified Party (?)
"Nancy Beer 1980, alumna who now works for the New York City Department of Ports and Terminals, responsible for planning and development of New York's Harbors"
Unidentified Gathering
Vivian Hoffman, Barbara Benisch, Doris Dittman, Joan Fultan, Martha Murrell
3 Assorted Unidentified Gathering
Photos of Alumni Institute, 1954
Unidentified Group Lunch
Adjustable Ironing Boards Demonstration: Mrs. Conrad, Miss Amelia Streif, Miss Nye, Mrs. Doris Wadsworth Toole, unidentified woman, Carolyn Usher, unidentified alumna
2 Copies- Exploration of Equipment Room and Inquiry Regarding New Detergents: Prof. Elizabeth Conrad, Claribel Nye, Mrs. Doris Wadsworth Toole '23
3 Assorted- Examination of Dress Fabrics: Miss Amelia Streif '47, Mrs. Grace Vroman Stevens '31, Prof. Vivian White
2 Unidentified Group Lunch Shots
Second Alumnae Institute (October 29-30): Dorothy DeLany '23, Alberta Dent Shackelton '20, Jeannette Gardiner Powell '26, Dorothy Fessenden Sayles '25, President Helen Bull Vandervort '26
2 Copies-Unidentified Group Shot- 3 Women
Unidentified Group Shot- 5 Women
Photos of Martha Van Rensselaer
4 Assorted Portrait Shots and Assorted Negatives
Photos of Flora Rose
3 Copies (Assorted Size) Portrait Shot
1 Foldered Portrait Shot and 1 Enlarged Copy (Unfoldered)
Portrait Shot
"Miss Rose and Claribel Nye looking at Flora Rose portrait"
"Miss Rose in cap + gown"
Modular Display Unit
3 Copies- Miss Claribel Nye, Professor Emeritus Beulah Blackmore, Mrs. Winifred Black '15, Professor Faith Fenton, Professor Emeritus Ruth Scott, Miss Anna Hunn '12, Mrs. Rose Pagem
2 Copies- "Mrs. Helen Vandervort and Miss Flora Rose in a tête-à-tête at the Alumnae Institute banquet, October 29"
2 Copies- Presentation of 80th Birthday Cake, October 29: Mrs. Helen Vandervort, Miss Flora Rose
Alumnae Institute Banquet, Birthday Cake: Mrs. Helen Vandervort, Miss Flora Rose
Unidentified Group Lunch
Examination of Dishwashing Detergents and Compounds- 3 Women
2 Copies- Examination of Current Catalogue of the New York State College: Miss Flora Rose, Miss Claribel Nye
Unidentified Group Shot: Clara Browning Goodman '12, Flora Rose, Anna Hunn '12
Photos of Sarah Blanding
Portrait Shot
Sheet of Selection of Assorted Portrait Shots
Photos of Elizabeth Lee Vincent
Portrait Shot
Photos of Helen Canoyer, 1968
2 Copies (Assorted Size) Portrait Shot
Mrs. Helen Bull Vandervort and Dean Helen G. Canoyer May 13, 1968
Miss Ellen-Ann Dunham and Dean Helen G. Canoyer May 13, 1968
Dr. Lucy M. Maltby and Dean Helen G. Canoyer May 13, 1968
Dr. Helen LeBaron and Dean Helen G. Canoyer (with negative) May 13, 1968
Sealed with a kiss- Helen Vandervort finishes announcement by kissing honored Dean May 13, 1968
Photos of David C. Knapp,
2 Copies (Assorted Size) Portrait Shot
Unidentified Classroom Presentation
Photos of Jean Failing
2 Assorted Portrait Shots
Unidentified Group Shot
Group Shot with Deans: Firebaugh, Knapp, Failing, Zeigler
Photos of Jerome Ziegler
4 Assorted Portrait Shots
6 Copies Portrait Shot
10 Assorted Portrait Shots
Admiring Plaque for Flora Rose Seminar Room
5 Assorted Portrait Shots (Assorted Size)
Foam Mounted Reception of First Helen Bull Vandervort Alumni Achievement Award 1983: Barbara Hai Freed, 1957, Alice Sanderson Rivoire 1941 MS 1948, Dean Jerome Ziegler
Photos of Francille Firebaugh
Portrait Shot
11 Assorted Group Shots (Assorted Size)
Large Portrait Shot
Contains oversized photographs by Barrett Gallagher of campus scenes, radio station WNYC and department photos from Child Development and Family Relations, and Human Development and Family Studies, 1960s
Contains oversized photographs by Barrett Gallagher of faculty, outreach activities and the Department of Design, 1960s
Contains oversized photographs by Barrett Gallagher of the Departments of Food and Nutrition, and Textiles and Apparel, 1960s
Slides-various events, faculty, staff, students, buildings
and home economics slide show 1969

  Oversize folder  
Oversize Photo of MVR North Wing
Negatives, Contact sheets of Reunion 1990
CDs of digital images used in the Exhibition "From Domesticity to Modernity: What Was Home Economics?", http://rmc.library.cornell.edu/homeEc/default.html