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International [subseries]:
Canada [subseries]:
AIDS Committee of Toronto, "Be Safe, Be Sure" (multi-lingual)
AIDS Committee of Toronto, "By Talking To Each Other..."
AIDS Committee of Toronto, "Love is a serious thing. Use condoms."
AIDS Committee of Toronto, "Nobody does it better...or safer"
AIDS Committee of Toronto, "Safer Sex Generation"
AIDS Committee of Toronto, "Summer in the City"
AIDS Committee of Toronto, "The Woman With Aids..."
Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention and the Black Gay and Lesbian AIDS Discussion, "Somebody Else in your Picture?"
Caribbean [subseries]:
Caribbean Epidemiology Centre (CAREC), "Unite Against AIDS"
China [subseries]:
7 different posters in Chinese, one with the English words "It's Natural"
Japan [subseries]:
One poster in Japanese
Nairobi [subseries]:
MAP International, "AIDS: a call beyond compassion"
MAP International, "Ukimwi: jikinge na umkinge mwenzio..."
Norway [subseries]:
Helsedirektoratet, "Are you properly dressed for the occasion?" (one copy in English, one copy in Norwegian)
Helsedirektoratet, "Hvordan AIDS ikke smitter..."
Helsedirektoratet, "Si Det Først!"
Helsedirektoratet, "Ta det med ro i utlandet!"
Helsedirektoratet, "Tenk deg om før du kaster deg uti det!" [2 versions]
Helsedirektoratet, "Tror Du At P-Piller Beskytter Mot HIV Og Andre Sykdommer Som Smitter Seksuelt?"
Landsforeningen Mot AIDS, "AIDS- En Global Trussel, Et Lokalt Ansvar"
Puerto Rico [subseries]:
Departamento de Salud, "Yo Quiero Un Mundo Lleno De Vido Sin VIH/SIDA"
Switzerland [subseries]:
World Health Organization, "Families Take Care"
World Health Organization, "Shared Rights, Shared Responsibilities"
World Health Organization, "Time To Act"
Uganda [subseries]:
JSI Programme, six 2-month calendar posters covering the year 1993, with sayings in English and (Swahili?)
JSI Programme, "Protect Yourself From Sexually Transmitted Diseases Use A Condom" (in English and (Swahili?))
JSI Programme Family Planning Private Sector, "AIDS Kills Use Condoms" (in English and (Swahili?))