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International Relations & Affairs
Includes ILGers await South Africa's Nelson Mandela's visit to America, 1995; Garment workers in El Salvador, 1995; Strikers in El Salvador, 1995; Chile's top leader Manuel Bustos, 1995; Demonstrators in front of the Sony Building, NY, 1994; South African unionists from House of Monatic, 1993; ILG Exec. Pres. Edgar Romney and Immigration Project Director Muzaffar Chishti, 1993; Child labor, Pakistan, 1993; Pres. Jay Mazur, 1995; ILGers of South Africa's Chemical Workers' Union, 1994; Self-Employed Women's Association, India, 1992; New York firm woo Japanese fashion buyers, 1991; Honduran girls, making sweaters for Liz Claiborne, 1994; Workers in Cite Soleil, Port-au-Prince, 1993; Unionists in South Africa, 1993; Workers in China, Hong Kong, 1992; Haitian refugees, Cuba, 1992; AFL-CIO subcommittee in China, 1992; Jose Ramirez, president of the regional textile and apparel workers organization, 1992