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Dec.17, 1926 Edward J. Trethaway is born.
June 1944 Graduates from Montclair High School, Montclair, NJ.
July 1944-Feb 1945 Attends Cornell University.
April 1945-July 1946 Leaves Cornell and enters the U.S. Navy.
1946-1949 Re-enters Cornell University and graduates.
Summer 1949 Takes a trip to Europe.
Sept 1949-Aug 1951 Works at the American Can Company.
1951-1956 Works at Western Electric Company.
1956-1962? Works at Pausin Manufacturing Company.
1963-1965 Works on Cornell's Centennial Campaign.
1965-1975 Works on corporate development at Cornell.
1967-1974 Invents and manufactures Handi-Chair.
1975-1981 Is the Head of the Public Affairs Program at Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine.
1981-present Retired. During this time he remains actively involved with Cornell University, the Pilgrim Congregational Church, and various other organizations, particularly in the Cape Cod area.