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Series I. Notebooks from Research Trips/Journals [series]:
Research trips to Mexico and the Western U.S.
Forming the basis of Clausen's study on Sedum of the Mexican Plateau. In addition to discussing the specimens, geololgy, and vegetation of the areas canvasssed, Clausen recorded details on the logistics of the trips

Field records from his research trips
Field records from his research trips, including Glaciated Allegheny Plateau, 1975-80; Sedimentary Appalachian Mts., 1966; Central Rocky Mts., 1966, Red Mtn., Mammoth, Devils River, 1970; Cascade Mts.; Piedmont Plateau: San Bernadino Mts., 1940, 1963, 1968. Additionally, Clausen kept records of his interests in Ithaca and Cornell, such as the Herbarium; Greenhouse in Slaterville Springs; Botany Courses, 1964-5; Taxonomy Courses, 1966; and his personal possesions at Cornell, 1971.

Journals, excluding major research trips
Journals - Clausen recorded items from both his personal and professional life.
Journals, trip notebooks, field notes, agenda, experiment records