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Series I. Biographical material including photographs of Hu Shih and and his wife, Tung-Sher Kiang (June 1913), 28 pieces. [series]:
Series II. Correspondence including a letter from his mother to Mrs. Patterson, 20 pieces. [series]:
Series III. Manuscript poems by Hu Shih, in English, 3 pieces. [series]:
Series IV. "Ezra Cornell" by Hu Shih, four editions in Chinese, 7 pieces. [series]:
Series V. Other writings by Hu Shih [series]:
"A Republic for China"
"The Ideal Missionary"
""Cornell Welcomes the Delegates to the Ninth Conference of the Eastern Section"
"Marriage Customs in China"
"The Philosophy of Browning and Confucianism"
Forward to The Tenth Anniversary Cornell Cosmopolitan Club Calendar
"Analysis of the Monarchical Restoration in China"
"Is There a Substitute for Force in International Relations?"
"Intellectual Preparedness"
"The Place of the Alumni Organization in the History of Universities"
Speech before the Economic Club of New York
Broadcast of Friends in the United Nations
Series VI. Writings about Hu Shih [series]:
"The New Literary Movement in China" (mss. copy)
Brief sketch for Cornell Alumni News
"A Scholar Pleads for China"
Copy of Citation
"The Influence of the Canoe on the Chinese Literary Revolution"
"Dr. Hu Shih to be Sixty-third Commencement Speaker"
"Ambassador Hu Shih"
"At the Chinese Embassy"
"China's Gentleman and Scholar"
Messenger Lectures Program
"Young Sage"
"Bright Feather"
"A Tribute to Dr. Hu Shih"
"Hu Shih, Incurable Optimist"
"Biography of Dr. Hu Shih"
Series VII. Newspaper Clippings, 87 pieces. [series]:
Series VIII. The Hu Shih Memorial Scholarship Fund, 13 pieces. [series]:
Series IX. Miscellany, 8 pieces. [series]: