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RSD Memos (2 of 4)
Newspaper clippings, Bureau of National Affairs articles, and U.S. Supreme Court cases, with cover memo from Jim Conti to Regional Staff Directors, re Drug-Free Workplace Act; articles re school consolidations, HMOs, taxing of health-insurance benefits; legal memo to NYSUT general counsel Bernard Ashe re U.S. Supreme Court decision re disparate-impact claim in Wards Cove Packing Company v. Atonio, with text of opinions, June 20; article from ILR Labor Relations Review, Cornell University, "Organizing the Organizers: Professional Staff Unionism in the American Labor Movement," July 1989, text of legal suit in U.S. Court of Appeals by Ad Hoc Committee of Concerned Teachers on Behalf of Minor and Under-Age Students Attending Greenburgh Eleven Union Free School District and on its own behalf, with cover memo noting allegation of racially discriminatory employment practices, July 17; memo re EPA radon alert, May 2; memos re jury duty, September-October; analysis in Wall St. Journal of impact of Beck decision re union dues, July 13; summary of recent decisions re random drug testing, July 10; memo asking for names of districts claiming fiscal crisis situations, July 10; copy of Provocator 4/89, official publication of the Buffalo Teachers Federation (NEA), with cover memo from Jim Conti to regional staff directors, June 29; decision by Illinois Appellate Court in Decatur Board of Education et al. v. Illinois E.L.R.B. and Decatur E.A., re class size, June 26; booklets, Voluntary Labor Arbitration Rules as amended and in effect January 1, 1988, by American Arbitration Association, and Code of Professional Responsibility for Arbitrators of Labor-Management Disputes of the National Academy of Arbitrators, American Arbitration Association, and Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, as amended and in effect May 29, 1985, with cover memo, June 21; summary highlights of the anti-smoking bills passed by the state Assembly and Senate, with cover memo, June 21; Pocket Advisor: Drug Testing on the Job: Know Your Rights, with cover memo from Jim Conti, for distribution to field representatives, June 19; memos re middle-level education, with attached material from State Education Department announcing Regents Challenge for Excellence in Middle-Level Education Program, May-June; memo re rate-setting methodology for Special Act Schools and 863 Schools for 1989-90 tuition, with attached document from State Education Department, May-June; memo re Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986, with attached overview of law and Model Driver's Manual for Commercial Vehicle Driver licensing, January 15, 1989; legal memo from NYSUT general counsel James Sander re UFT, PERB, et al. advs. NYC BOE, June 5; PERB decision CSEA et al. v. City of Auburn, April 3; memo re smoking regulations at Rush-Henrietta school district, noting that Appellate Court ruled that Commissioner's regulation supercedes PERB determination re collective bargaining, June 7; State Education Department regulations re records retention and disposition, with cover memo from Jim Conti, June 6; text of case re seniority, Christine Szumigala v. Hicksville USFD BOE, June 5; memo re Employees' Retirement System savings to local school districts, June 1; memo re availability of video, "Working in America: Hazardous Duty," shown on ABC television, May 31; confidential memos re operational policy to follow when 3020a charges are brought against a member, May 11 and 31; lists of school budget defeats, May 15 and 30; memo re interim final rules for Drug-Free Workplace requirements, May 26; related memo, May 11; memos re new local presidents' conference, May; document by Civil Service Department re cost containment strategies for public employers for health insurance programs, with cover memo, May 10; decision in state Supreme Court in Seaford, May 3; memos re Excellence in Teaching legal motions affecting distribution of monies, May 4 and March 17; letter from chairman of PERB to NYSUT president Tom Hobart re location of administrative law judge hearings under budget constraints, with cover letter from Jim Conti, May 3; NYSUT Information Bulletins re certification, tenure, and a middle school teaching assignment, and consultant teacher services, with cover memo, April 20