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Founded as the Orpheus Glee Club in 1868, the Cornell University Glee Club (CUGC) is the oldest student organization on campus. One of the premier male choirs in the country, the ensemble performs a wide variety of repertoire, frequently traveling domestically and internationally. Past international concert tours have visited Mexico, the Soviet Union, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, China, Venezuela, and Brazil. Since 1889, the Club has been under the leadership of a number of notable directors.

For more information, visit www.gleeclub.com.


1889-1921 Hollis Ellsworth Dann
1921-1942 Eric Sydney Dudley
1942-1945 John Marinus Kuypers
1945-1946 Paul John Weaver
1946-1957 Thomas Brodhead Tracy
1957-1995 Thomas Andrew Sokol
1995-2012 Scott Arthur Tucker
2012-2013 John Rowehl (Interim director)
2013-Present Robert Isaacs