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NYS AFL-CIO Executive Council Meeting
January 25, 1995. Minutes of Executive Council meeting, December 2, 1994; memo from president Ed Cleary re special election endorsement in three state legislature races, with attached ballot by Hobart specifying no endorsement, February 27; press release from NYS Comptroller H. Carl McCall re fiscal impact of pension supplementation bill for retired public employees, January 24; list of majority (i.e., Republican) members of standing committees in the state Senate; list of majority (i.e., Democratic) committee chair appointment in Assembly, from Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, January 13; fact sheet, "1995-96 Projected Deficit"; memo from legislative director, outlining major legislative initiatives of federal Republican "Contract with America," January 20, 1995; legislative alert, "Armey Admits Details Would Kill Budget Amendment," re House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX)'s admission that details of $1.6 trillion in spending cuts were not revealed for fear it would lose support, January 16; "Report to Governor George Pataki Regarding the State Fiscal Year 1995-1996 Medicaid Budget," by Betsy McCaughey, Lieutenant Governor and Chairperson, Comprehensive Medicaid Task Force, January 18, 1995; memos re 1995 legislative agenda, November 29, 1994, and January 20, 1995;.