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Unity Agreement, SFFT and SFCTA, n.d., c. 1989; Unity Agreement, San Francisco Federation of Teachers and San Francisco C.T.A. (by Unity Committees of SF/AFT and SFCTA September 22, 1989); memo to NYSUT organizers, "The Truth about NEA Liability Insurance," asserting that NEA liability insurance program is of no value to teachers in New York State, with attached copies of NEA insurance documents, December 4, 1990; compilation of teacher liability cases and indemnification for attorney's fees, July; memo, "Intern Training. It's not just organizing," December 19; memo to all VNA staff with instructions on how to revoke membership in Federation of Nurses and Professionals (sic), December 19; memo from Jim Conti suggesting attached arbitration case might be reviewed, Arlington Central School District v. Arlington Teachers Association, December 14; memo to organizers, NYSUT Nurse Advisory Committee, and selected regional staff directors re salary and benefit factors used by the federal government for determining hospital reimbursement rates, under the Prospective Payment System, November 8, 1989; appeal before the Commissioner of Education of a 3020a decision in Goshen Central School District against teacher Sidney Marshall, with memo from Jim Conti requesting review, December 14; memo assigning organizers to future staff meetings at locals where no organizers were housed, October 31; memo to Jim Conti re BOCES survey about protecting the integrity of the bargaining units, eligible professionals not represented, concerns about spurious classifications, February 6, 1989; memo to organizers and Jim Conti, "Clever Membership Gimmick," re authorization form for union membership dues attached to contract ballot, October 17; article from Bureau of National Affairs re AFT and NEA affiliates in Connecticut discussing possible merger, May 28, 1990; BNA article re conflicting policies by NEA and AFT making merger in Wisconsin unlikely, June 11, 1990; memo reporting number of authorization cards signed at three schools in Lafayette, November 6; two 3020a appeals before the Commissioner of Education re South Country Central School District against teacher Susan Hirsch, with cover memo from Jim Conti, November 8; PERB cases re Niagara County Community College, with cover memo from Jim Conti re implications for fragmentation of bargaining members and exploitation by NEA to gain more units, possible impact on Rockland County Community College, November 9; PERB decision re New York State Nurses Association v. County of Oswego (Oswego County Local 838, Civil Service Employees Association, AFSCME, intervenor), November 8; memo re child abuse detection training, September 11; organizing campaign materials by Communication Workers of America (CWA) at Mercy Hospital in Buffalo, with cover memo from Jim Conti, October 24; appeals before the Commissioner of Education by the Greater Johnstown City School District from a decision in a 3020a case against Gary Spencer and by the Elmira City School District in a 3020a case against Lucy McCloud, with request by Jim Conti for review, September 12; request from Jim Conti to NYSUT legal counsel for staff to make presentation to Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals re liability and other issues, September 5; article from Bureau of National Affairs Labor Relations Week re competition for American Nursing Association to organize nurses, June 20; (Albany) Sunday Times Union clipping, "SUNYA [SUNY Albany] climbs to find a place among nation's top 100 research universities," August 5; New York State ASPA Council and Jackson, Lewis, Schnitzler & Krupman present How to Combat the AFL-CIO's "Union, Yes" Campaign and Other New Union Organizing Techniques, 1989; paper, "Nonunion Grievance Procedures: Union Avoidance Technique or Union Organizing Opportunity?" by Mark J. Keppler, associate professor, School of Business, California State University-Fresno, n.d., c. 1990; materials for communications training in employee/labor relations at Benjamin Rush Center, June 28; state Supreme Court decision in Victor Meister v. Thomas Sobol, Commissioner, with cover memo from Jim Conti, requesting summary, June 28; memos re Improper Practice charge in Regents degree program harassment case, May 1 and April 9; AFL-CIO Organizing Survey 1986-87 NLRB elections, February 1989, with cover memo to labor relations specialists and organizers recommending the report, May 22, 1990; clipping from American Journal of Nursing re industrial and other labor unions targeting nursing as new membership source, May; text of U.S. Court of Appeals case, American Hospital Association v. NLRB and American Nurses Association et al., April 11; article re AFSCME efforts to organize nurses, with cover memo from Jim Conti, April 20; letter to Jim Conti from director of AFT Leadership Institute apologizing for error in focus of organizing seminar, suggesting seminar on community college organizing, March 28, with cover letter from Jim Conti to John O'Leary, April 19; paper by John Lawler, associate professor, University of Illinois, "Artificial Intelligence Techniques and the Formulation of Union Organizing Strategy," n.d.; article on the reliability of drug and HIV testing, "Misleading Reliability," by Robert S. Root-Bernstein, in The Sciences, New York Academy of Science, March/April; Commissioner's decision in Keesler v. Northeast Central School District, January 23, with cover memo from Jim Conti noting that NYSUT legal counsel thought Commissioner was wrong, March 16; Commissioner's decisions in Harborfields (parents' appeal of grade decision) and Reynolds (North Tonawanda, involuntary transfer of teacher) appeals, with cover memo, March 16; article in Labor Relations Week re organizing techniques, February 28; paper, "The Organising Process: Contemporary Challenges and Union Responses in Britain," by Phillip B. Beaumont, University of Glasgow, and Richard Harris, University of Waikato, prepared for the IRRA National Meeting, December 23-30, 1989; memo from Federation of Nursing and Health Professionals public relations department re new nurse image campaign kickoff, sponsored by the National Commission on Nursing Implementation Project and the Advertising Council, February 16; Seven Month Report of the NEA-NY Organizing Project, January 18, with attached commentary from Jim Conti, February 2; notice of Labor Advisory Committee meeting at Cornell University ILR Capital District office, "Collective Bargaining in the Health Care Industry: Local 1199 and the League of Volontary (sic) Hospitals and Homes," January 9; memo re development of school-related personnel (SRP) organizing brochure, January 3; clipping from NEA newsletter re NEA-NY organizing campaign fund shortfall, January 22; newsletters of the NYSUT Division of Field Service, Organizing Bulletin