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Labor Department - Perkins, Frances M. -
Correspondence, reports and pamphlets. Includes correspondence to Perkins and Oxley on discrimination against Blacks in employment. Statistics on Black workers and Black education. Reports to Perkins on the Division of Black Labor and speeches. Exchange on alleged discrimination against Blacks in Labor Department. Includes hostile correspondence from Black person relating to Black federal employees; Letter from General Counsel of International Association of Railroad Employees on discrimination against Blacks in the railroad industry and problems with railroad craft unions and their exclusive jurisdiction under the Railway Labor Act, August 1, 1936; Memorandum containing rationale for maintenance of staff o the Division of Black Labor rather than a reduction in force of the office, noting that an active Division may have political influence in the voting patterns of the south, June 1, 1936; Memorandum recommending that the Democratic National Committee be assigned the task of compiling information about the New Deal Administration and its impact on Black employment and emergency relief. Goal is to produce a publication with information favorable to Blacks to influence the voting pattern of the south, March 23, 1936; Memorandum-report concerning the first meeting of the National Negro Congress, February 14, 1936 in Chicago. Notes John P. Davis as founder of the organization. Describes organization's leaders as communists, March 5 1936; Memorandum-progress report on Blacks and the New Deal. Discusses problems on barriers to entry in employment, job searching, and employment opportunities. Provides an economic analysis of the Black population. Discusses discrimination against Blacks in emergency relief programs by the NRA, the Public Works Administration, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Civilian Conservation Corps, and related trade unions. Lists achievements of the Division of Black unions. Lists achievements of the Division of Black Labor, November 9, 1935; Letter describing activities of Georgia Teachers and Educational Association, a Black teachers' association. Includes a recommendation to hire a Black supervisor to the Georgia Relief Emergency Administration. Statistics from 1933-34 on the number of schools, comparative analysis on Black and white teachers and Black and white school enrollment. Goals for improving elementary and secondary education for Blacks in Georgia, July 19, 1935; Memorandum giving opinion on Title VII of proposed Economic Security Act. Discusses grant in aid for vocational education. Proposal of statement to be included in the Economic Security Act providing equal opportunity of appropriations for grant in aid to Black and white schools. Reviews the Second Morrill Act and the Smith-Lever Act of 1914. Statistical table on discrimination, January 23, 1935; Memorandum discussing circulating rumors that Labor Department will dismiss Black blue collar workers in favor of whites. Calls for continued employment, the creation of additional employment opportunities and the end of discrimination for Blacks, December 14, 1934; Memorandum from Lawrence Oxley quoting the 1934 American Federation of Labor (AFL) resolution against discrimination of Blacks, October 22, 1934; Memorandum discusses the staffing of Black blue collar workers in the Labor Department. Insofar as possible, discrimination against Blacks will be avoided, January 2, 1934; "The Division of Negro Labor, Department of Labor," describes activities of the Division of Black Labor.