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Tapes Produced By Radio Stations, Etc., [subseries]:
Hugh Downs and Harvey Wheeler, MASS MEDIA AND THE FUTURE, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions [CSDI], Santa Barbara, 28:30 rain, rec'd 1/3/73 (5623a)
John W. Macy, Jr., THE RISE AND FALL OF PUBLIC BROADCASTING, CSDI, 29:07 min, rec'd 6/73, (5624a)
THE HEART OF THE MATTER - LICENSING - Broadcast ii the First Amendment - I, CSDI, 28:03 min, rec'd 6/, (5625a)
HOW GOOD IS TELEVISION NEWS REPORTING? - Broadcasting and the First Amendment - II, CSDI, 28:45 min, rec 6/22/73 (5626a)
WHITEHEAD EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION - Broadcasting the First Amendment - III, CSDI, 27:54 min, rec'd, (5627a)
THE NATIONAL NEWS COUNCIL A SOLUTION? - Broadcast and the First Amendment - IV, CSDI, 27:51 min, rec 6/73, (5628a)
THE RIGHT TO BE UNFAIR - Broadcasting and the First Amendment - V, CSDI, 27:57 min, rec'd 6/73, (5629a)
CENSORSHIP BY MANIPULATION - Broadcasting and the First Amendment - VI, CSDI, 27:15 m:Ln, rec'd 6/73, (5630a)
NATIONAL NEWS, LOCAL CONTROL - Broadcasting and the First Amendment - VII, CSDI, 27:26 min, rec'd 6/71, (5631a)
TELEVISION: THE EXCLUSIVE MEDIUM - Broadcasting and the First Amendment - VIII, CSDI, 27:22 min, rec'd 6/1, (5632a)
Neil Jacoby, CAN TECHNOLOGY BE NEUTRAL?, CSDI, 40: min, rec'd 5/12/73 (5633a)
FEEDBACK I: INTRODUCTION TO TV AS A MEDIUM, Pacifica Tape Library, Berkeley, 36:40 min, rec'd 2/1/73 (5634a)
FEEDBACK II: THE IMAGE EMPIRE, Pacifica Tape Libra Berkeley, 49:55 min, rec'd 2/:./73, (5635a)
FEEDBACK III: THE FOURTH NETWORK, Pacifica Tape Berkeley, 53:59 min., rec'd 2/1/73 (5636a)
FEEDBACK IV: A CULTURAL CRITIQUE OF BROADCAST JOURNALISM, Pacifica Tape Library, Berkeley, 47:3f rec'd 2/1/73 (5637a)
FEEDBACK V: A CULTURAL CRITIQUE OF BROADCAST ENTERTAINMENT, Pacifica Tape Library, Berkeley, 68 min., rec'd 2/1/73 (5638a)
"INFORMED SOURCES SAID" - A chronology of events from the day of the Watergate break-in, 6/17/72 to the opening day of the Watergate Hearings on 5/17/73, Pacifica Tape Library, Berkeley, 96 min, reel l, (5639a)
"INFORMED SOURCES SAID," Pacifies Tape Library, Berkeley, 96 min, reel 2, (5640a)
AMERICA AS ADVERTISED - A documentary "Who's Who of the first phase of the Senate Watergate Hearings; 5/17-8/7/73, Pacifica Tape Library, Berkeley, 133 min, reel 1, (5641a)
AMERICA AS ADVERTISED, Pacifies Tape Library, Berkeley reel 2, (56423)
JACK ANDERSON'S IM-" PRESS "-IONS ON WATERGATE, speech a University of Minnesota, 5/21/73, Pacifica Tape Library Berkeley, 88 min., (5643a)
The Press and Watergate, WCNY-TV, Syracuse, 11/11/73 (56443)
Script for "Gender Advertising" (slide show), (5645a)
GAME AND QUIZ SHOWS: DOUBLE YOUR MONEY, DOUBLE YOUR FUN, Pacifies Tape Library, Berkeley, 1975, 58 min., (5646a)
WTKO 5/20/70 (1 of 2), (5647a)
WTKO 5/20/70 (2 of 2), (5648a)
Clay T. Whitehesd - Firing Line (interview by William F. Buckley), PBS 2/24/73 (56493)
Film - Action for Children's Television - soundtrack, 2/26/73 (56503)
Reynaldo's tape - Prof. Petrie lecture on general systems theory, 3/73, (56513)
Ed Bsumeister, "The Liveliest Wire," WCNY-TV, Syracuse 3/6/73 (56523)
Pastore hearings on public tv - third day, 3/30/73 (56533)
Shamberg, Top Value TV - 1972 Republican and Democratic presidential conventions (Miami Beach), 4/16/73 (56543)
Bloomington, Indians - Audio-Visusl Film on Cable TV, 4/16/73 (1 of 2), (56553)
Bloomington, Indiana - Audio-Visual Film on Cable TV, 4/16/73 - for Soc 262 (2 of 2), (5656a)
"You and the Commercial" (CBS documentary) 4/26/73 (5657a)
Watergate - Jack Anderson, Richard Nixon, 4/30/73 (5658a)
America '73 - 1 hour program on press subpeonas to newsmen. NPACT. Channel 8, Scranton, 5/9/73 (5659a)
Nicholas Johnson, Address to symposium on mass media, Bucknell University, 11/2/73 (5660a)
Pastore subcommittee hearings 1/30/74 (5661a)
John Hess, American Food Disaster (lecture), Cornell, 5/6/74 (5662a)
Children's TV; Voice of Authority (2 programs - Rest of the News) , 7/74, (5663a)
A.C. Nielsen interview, Tomorrow Show, 8/2/74 (5664a)
CBS documentary on payola in record industry, 8/11/74 (5665a)
Julian Jaynes, NYU Media Ecology Conference, Saugerties, NY, 4/29/79 (5666a)
Media Course, 2/14/82 (5667a)
Sandra Boddie interview, Geraldo Rivera Show, ABC, 2/17/82 (56683)
Washington School Media Course - Nan Rubin (NFCB), Ardes Slobodow (PWN) , Jean Rice, Lou Bransford (PSSC) , 3/3/82 (56693)
Commercials - recorded off the air, 9/18/74 (56703)
"Building Democratic Communications," UDC conference, Philadelphia, 11/12/82 - pop culture (5950a)
"Building Democratic Communications," UDC conference, Philadelphia, 11/13/82 - Alternative Uses of Computers Community Organizations (5951a)