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Cassette Tapes [subseries]:
Personal Perspective [on Broadcasting], WHCU broadcasts: "Introduction" 6/9/73; "$ spent on commercials vs. programs" 6/14/73; 3-1/2 hours of Saturday morning TV watching" 6/23/73 (5572a)
Blowing the Whistle on Broadcasting: "Baby Porno" Saturday 9/29 [5/7/77], (5573a)
Blowing the Whistle on Broadcasting: "The Presidential Campaign: Non-Voting 'Unimportant'" [5/31/80]; "Strawberry Shortcake and Friends" [4/18/81], (5574a)
Blowing the Whistle on Broadcasting: "Animations" 8/10/80; Laughtracks (1)" 8/17/80; "Laughtracks (2)" 8/24/80 (5575a)
Blowing the Whistle on Broadcasting: "Subliminal Ads" 5/2-3/81, (5576a)
Blowing the Whistle on Broadcasting: "Programmed Learning: SRA" n.d.; "Hole in Space" 5/9-10/81, (5577a)
Juventud y Rebelde-calle prado frente al capitolio nacional, Jacinto Granda, dir. 5/5/72 (5578a)
Father Philip Bourret [w/RKG], 5/5/72 (5579a)
Letter to RKG from Jorge Luiz Puerta and Azriel Bibliowic, end of November 1972, RKG letter to them. (5580a)
Armand Mattelart, RKG-Lima, 12/1/72 (5581a)
RKG lecture: Broadcasting appearing in newspapers, 1/23/73 (5582a)
RKG letters (dictation), 1/29/73 (5583a)
RKG lecture on statutes regulating broadcasting in US, 2/14/73 (5584a)
RKG comments on Act Film- "The Shell Game-Now You See It, Now You Don't," 2/28/73 (5585a)
RKG class on Fairness Doctrine, 3/5/73 (5586a)
RKG talks to Nelson Bingham-Psych seminar on TV paradigm, 3/8/73 (5587a)
RKG public lectures at ICODES and at Tadeo Lozano 3/20 and, 3/21/73 (5588a)
ICODES Bogota; RKG public lecture, 3/22/73; panel Bibliowicz, Tvar, Insuasty, 3/27/73 (5589a)
RKG lecture: Meaning resides in context, 4/4/73 (5590a)
RKG lecture: Meaning resides in context (side 1). Harold Kohn letter (side 2), 5/11/73 (5591a)
Roundtable discussion on broadcast journalism: "Behind the First Amendment" 5/73, at Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. WNET-TV program production, WCNY-TV Ch. 24 broadcast 5/29/73 (5592a)
Gabriela Samper, Tompkins County Airport, 6/14/73 (5593a)
Johnson Art Museum with Cohen family, 6/23/73 (5594a)
SSSP panel: An American Family (Craig Gilber, RKG and others) 8/27/73 (5595a)
Barbara Hall travel take with RKG-Amazon, for [WHCU broadcast] 9/8/73 (5596a)
RKG Soc. 262 lecture: Status as circuitry of social map 9/25/73 (5597a)
RKG Soc. 262 lecture: Metabolism of ideas and language in your habitat, 9/27/73 (5598a)
RKG Soc. 262 lecture: Property of individual vs. property of system, 10/2/73 (5599a)
RKG lecture: Public Opinions-"Culture Power," Philadelphia, 10/8/73 (5600a)
RKG Women's Studies lecture, Spring 1974, (5601a)
WVBR Response to RKG's Analysis of Sesame Street, 3/74, (5602a)
WVBR panel: Julie Frederikse, Azriel Bibliowicz, and RKG, 3/18/74, about 1 hour, (5603a)
Gariela Samper on Rest of News, 6/4/74 (5604a)
RKG Soc. 262 lecture: Paradigm, Bunraku; George Wald, Charles Luce, 9/10/74 (5605a)
RKG lecture: Paradigm; and on explanation- causality is not linear, 9/12/74 (5606a)
RKG Soc. 262 lecture: Status/role (dogs vs. humans), 10/1/74 (5607a)
RKG lectures: Organization of experience 11/5/74; Auto as exoskeleton 10/24/74; Learning how to learn 10/31/74 (5608a)
RKG talk to Southern Tier School Board: Engineering of children, 11/21/74 (5609a)
RKG lecture: Women as depicted on TV, Ithaca College 2/5/75 (5610a)
RKG Soc. 262 lecture: TV - mass desensitization, 2/5/76 (5611a)
RKG and others: Round table on First Amendment, 2/14/76 (56123)
RKG lecture in Bogota, Colombia, at weekend conference sponsored by Institute Colombo American & Cafam, 4/3/76 (5613a)
RKG Soc. 262 lecture: On educational technology, 4/8/76 (5614a)
RKG talk to Ithaca High School, Daily life in the depression, (56153)
RKG, Sage Chapel Convocation, Sunday 3/25/79 (5616a)
RKG vs. Robert Fowler, NYU Media Ecology Conference 4/28/79 - part I (5617a)
RKG vs. Robert Fowler, NYU Media Ecology Conference 4/28/79 - part II (5618a)
Cuba tour 4/30-5/7/82: Street sounds, RKG comments; discussion on Radio Havana Cuba w/ Jose Pardo, Pedro Martinez: Union de Periodistas, Jose A. Benitez, Gabriel Molina, 5/4/82 (5619a)
RKG lecture at Utah State University, Logan, Utah; RKG in Barcelona 6/18/82 (5620a)
Excerpts from Harold [Kohn]'s tape to Gert, 12/27/83 (5621a)
RKG lecture: "Television's Role in Consciousness Formation," Cornell Media Services recording, n.d., (5622a)