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Collection Scope and Content Note

Specific surveys include: management of family finances, Livingston Co., NY, 1928-29; cost of living for farm families, Tompkins Co., NY, 1928-29; economic contributions of household members, NY State, 1960-61; financial management practices of young families, Tompkins Co., NY, 1955-58; financial management in relation to family values and concepts of financial security, Norwich, NY, 1961; financial management of graduate women, Cornell University, 1955; financial management from marriage to 1935, Tompkins and Livingston Counties, NY, 1935; food shopping practices of families, Cleveland, OH and Rochester, NY, 1939; kinds and amounts of representative foods used during one week, Cleveland, OH and Rochester, NY, 1938; management of food purchases and meals, NY State, 1959; food consumption of farm and village families, central NY State, 1927; inventories of outerwear of farm families, Tompkins Co., NY, 1950; types of equipment found in homes, Buffalo, NY, 1949; repair of small household electrical appliances, Canandaigua, NY, 1956; use of small kitchen equipment by young families, Ithaca, NY and vicinity, 1936; use of carpentry tools as a home management resource, NY State, 1945; major equipment work space, and storage space in homes, Ithaca, NY and vicinity, 1936-42; acceptance of the mechanical dishwasher, Rochester, NY, 1955-56; laundry practices and equipment, Erie, PA, 1959; and family laundry practices and costs, Tompkins Co., NY, 1945.

Also, buying and selling potatoes in retail groceries, Cleveland, Ohio and Rochester, NY, 1937-38; price variation in retail grocery stores, NY State, 1935; availability and price of fruits and vegetables in retail stores, Ithaca, NY, 1942-45; store practices and the sale of washing machines on credit, NY State, 1938-40; size of purchasing centers of families, NY State, 1928; a study of credit bureaus, NY State, 1940-42; decision-making concerning household activities, NY State, 1957; daily activities of homemakers confined to wheel chairs, Ithaca, NY and vicinity, 1954; distance traveled in farm homes when preparing and serving food and washing dishes, Seneca Co., NY, 1949-51; financial education at the secondary school level, Sherburne, NY, 1949; and selection of heat for cooking, NY, 1953.

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