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Agriculture [series]:
Papers about CALS, including brochures, pamphlets, and catalogues

"Program of the Fourth International Congress of Entomology"
"A New Name - The New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences"
Architecture [series]:
Contains informative booklets about the College of Architecture

The Cornell Architect
Architecture [series]:
Contains informative booklets and brochures about the College of Architecture

"The College of Architecture - Annual" Booklet
"Information for Students in the College of Architecture at Cornell University" Booklets, x3
Arts and Science [series]:
Contains various historic papers including historical booklets, courses of studies, and faculty listings.

"The College of Arts and Sciences" Booklet
"The College of Arts and Sciences" Booklet
Athletics [series]:
Contains programs, brochures, newspaper clippings, and catalogues for athletic programs and specific games

"Department of Physical Training" Booklet
"How Cornell Does It" Booklet
"Dance Festival" Program
The Women's Athletic Association Brochure
"Penn.-Cornell Dual Meet" - The Official Programs
"Cornell Athletic Book"
"Pennsylvania vs. Cornell - Junior Week" - the Official Programs
Business Management, Laboratories, Law [series]:
Contains newsletters from SHOALS and the Lab of Ornithology, papers from the Graduate School of Management. Also houses historical papers from beginning of law school.

"Report of a Special Committee on the Establishment of a Department of Law"
"The Dedication of Boardman Hall and the Presentation of the Moak Law Library - Proceedings and Addresses"
Conservation, Chemistry [series]:
Contains catalogues for chemistry, reports, and brochures

"The Cornell Corn Congress - Farmers' Week" Brochure
Cooperative Extension [series]:
Cornell Cooperative pamphlets and catalogues

Cornell Centennial Theater [series]:
Pamphlets and programs for the Cornell Centennial Theater

"Programme of the Quarter-Centennial Celebration"
"Will Your Name Appear?" Contributors Booklet
Engineering [series]:
Contains pamphlets and catalogues for the College of Engineering

Engineering [series]:

Book of Rules of the College of Engineering
The Sibley Journal of Engineering
Extramural, Hotel Administration, ROTC [series]:
Contains various historical papers from the Hotel School, Extramural Study, and ROTC

A Reprint From The Hotel Monthly - "The Story of Statler Hall, $2,550,000 Hotel Education Unit"
Roster of the Cornell University Corps of Cadets
Forestry [series]:
Contains historical College of Forestry booklets

"Forestry Quarterly," Volume 1, No. 1
"Cornell Forester" Booklets, x5
Newsletters to Cornell Foresters
Graduate School [series]:
Contains Graduate School handbooks and papers.

Industrial and Labor Relations [series]:
Contains budgets, newsletters, and catalogues regarding the ILR school

Johnson Museum [series]:
Show catalogues. Kenneth Evett, Arthur Dove, Whistler, Canaletto, William Blake, Jason Seley, Colin Greenly, Insley, Mitchell, Poleskie, David Ruether, The Civilization of Llhuros, The Dr. and Mrs. Milton Lurie Kramer, Piranesi, Goya, John Hortell, George Kolbe.

Johnson Museum [series]:
Newsletters, press releases, and show catalogues. Gary Wojcik, Jack Chen, Directions in Afro-American Art, Cayuga Exotica, Seymour Lipton, Robert S. Sloan, Fifteenth and Sixteenth-Century Prints of Northern Europe, Edwin Dickinson, Arnold Singer, German Renaissance Prints, Far Eastern Art in Upstate New York,

Johnson Museum [series]:
Newsletters and show catalogues. Cornell Then, Sculpture Now; Faculty Exhibition; J.M. Hanson; '63 Creates: Interior Visions; Robert Smithson; Dutch Drawings of the Seventeeth Century from a Collection; Wayang Kulit; Don LaViere Turner; Jon Haggins; Golden Day, Silver Night; Carved Images - Art from Africa; Victor Colby; Barrett Gallagher; The Dr. and Mrs. Milton Lurie Kramer Collection; Olaf M. Brauner; Bryan Hunt; Architecture and Media; Abstract Expressionism - The Formative Years; Landscape: New Views.

Johnson Museum [series]:
Show catalogues. Robert P. Coggins, Richards Ruben, New York State Artists Series, Benjamin Hertzberg, Kay Sage, Phil Niblock.

Johnson Museum [series]:
Show catalogues. Gravely Gorgeous: Gargoyles, Grotesques, and the 19th-Century Imagination, Uncommon Threads - Contemporary Artists and Clothing, Common Threads - Art, Identity and Fashion in the 20th Century, Dutch Drawings of the 17th Century, New York State Artists Series, Cornell Then - Sculpture Now, The Handwrought Object, Translations - Photographic Images with New Forms, Louis M. Eilshewmius, Gaston Lachaise, Jason Seley.

Johnson Museum [series]:
Newsletters, annual reports, and show catalogues. Virtue, Vice, and Vanitas; Portraiture in 16th Century Europe; '63 Creates: Interior Visions; Beth B.; Water, Water, Everywhere; Frank Lloyd Wright and the Johnson Wax Buildings; William Blake; Message to the Future; Creative Impulses/Modern Expressions; Johan van der Keuken; J.O. Mahoney; Arthur Wesley Dow; David Johnson; Joel Perlman; Phyllis Cohen; Knots and Nets; Elsie Dinsmore Popkin; Contemporary Art in Czechoslovakia; Cornell Collects; The Origins of French Printmaking; Evelyn Metzger's Yemen; John Hartell; Reflections to Astound - 17th-Century Duth Prints; Animal Imagery in Old Master Prints and Books; Department of Art Faculty Exhibition; Joan Mitchell; American Commemorative Quilts.

Johnson Museum [series]:
Newsletters, annual reports, and show catalogues. Beads and Baubles, A Bountiful Harvest - Agriculture in Prints, Private - Exploring Personal Space, Tiffany, Art from the Islamic World, Constance Kheel, Roy Lichtenstein, By the Light of Butterlamps, Time and a Chair, Pierre-Joseph Redoute, When Reason Sleeps - Goya, The David M. Solinger Collection, Reality Reimagined - Photography Since 1950, Christian Midjo, The Tale of Genji, Frank Barry, The Steven Barbash Collection, Martie Young, Workers' Art Between the Wars.

Library [series]:
Library guides and handbooks.

Cornell University Library - General Rules
Library [series]:
Brochures, handouts, and library information.

Library [series]:
Memos, correspondences, reports.

Library [series]:
Bylaws, memos, reports.

Suggestions for using the General Library
Library [series]:
Brochures, reports, memos, correspondences.

Library [series]:
Library acquisition lists

Medical College [series]:
Contains "premedical guides," CU Medical College Alumni Magazines, and Department of Physiology and Biochemistry Reprints from 1909 to 1914

Personnel [series]:
Contains various documents relating to employment for students, faculty, and staff

President, V.P., Secretary, Trustees [series]:
Contains various historical correspondences and press releases from people of power in the University, as well as a couple more recent Board of Trustees and Advisory Council pamphlets. Additionally, there is a pamphlet from 1906 and "Biographical Sketches" from 1923 and 1924.

Public Relations and Information [series]:
Contains a variety of press releases, memos, and correspondences

Research at Cornell [series]:
Annual reports, "Cornell's Research Serves the Region and Beyond"

The Research Club of Cornell University - Constitution, Membership Lists, Papers
Safety, White Museum, Alumni, International Studies, Africana Studies [series]:
Miscellaneous papers sorted by folder for these categories

Spring Day Scoop, Religious Activities [series]:
Spring Day Scoop programs and religious pamphlets

Spring Day Scoop Programs
Student Registration [series]:
Contains brochures, catalogues, club lists, and various registration-related memos

Summer Session [series]:
Summer session brochures and catalogues

Summer Session Booklet
Summer Session [series]:
Summer session catalogues

Treasurer [series]:
Contains miscellaneous papers, publications, and correspondences from the office of the treasurer

Uncle Ezra, Senate, Residential Halls, Ombudsman, Calendar [series]:
Contains a folder for each category, with miscellaneous documents in each

Cornell University Weekly Calendar, x2
University Faculty [series]:
Contains various reports, minutes, memos, and correspondences.

"Report of the University Faculty to the Board of Trustees in Regard to the Office of Adviser of Women"
"Report of Faculty Conference Committee on Military Training"
University Faculty [series]:
Minutes, reports, memos, and correspondences.

University Faculty [series]:
Minutes, reports, memos, and correspondences.

University Faculty [series]:
Minutes, reports, memos, and correspondences.

University Faculty [series]:
Minutes, reports, memos, and correspondences.

University Faculty [series]:
Minutes, reports, memos, correspondences, and various "Academic Integrity" handbooks

University Faculty [series]:
Minutes, reports, memos, and correspondences.

University Faculty [series]:
Faculty Handbooks

University Faculty [series]:
Minutes, reports, memos, and correspondences.

Veterinary Medicine [series]:
Contains budgets, reports, catalogues, and various brochures from the Veterinary College

"The Report of the Conference at the New York State Veterinary College During the Semi-Centennial Celebration of Cornell University"
"New York State Veterinary College" Budgets