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F. C. Steward at Rochester; classified file documenting establishment of various lines of scientific work, later developed at Cornell; pattern of research support through industry and Foundations commenced; "school" or work and thought, with graduate students, research associates and technicians began to emerge even though he was heavily occupied with teaching all aspects of botany to classes in the post war years; period during which his contacts with science and scientists in the USA became so close he did not return to England, as expected; reprint file and bibliographies in Box 2
General file containing materials relating to a variety of Cornell activities and professional work: (a) invitational lectures; (b) interest in developing facilities for controlled environments for the growth of plants (This ante-dated, and led up to, the existing installations on Tower Road.); (c) concern for, and discontent with, the status of plant physiology in the Botany Department and the College of Agriculture and various efforts to improve this through interdepartmental programs, a graduate field of Plant Physiology, and eventually resulting in a Rockefeller Grant of $250,000; (d) Botany and Plant Physiology courses and record books (3) covering topics and attendance at his Plant Physiology seminar; (e) correspondence with department chairmen of Botany, and with the Dean and Directors of the College of Agriculture
Early research reports as submitted to the Dean and Directors of the College of Agriculture (Later reports are still retained by Mr. Steward)
National Cancer Institute and NIH reports and papers (Later reports are still retained by Mr. Steward)
Lecture notes taken at Leeds relating to B. Sc. Honours Degree in Chemistry
5 audiotape interview cassettes (tr. 7196-7200)