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Series I. Board of Directors Meeting Minutes and Reports
Box 1

Series II. Chapter Operations
Box 2

Series III. Chapter Operations
Boxes 2-4

Series IV. Corporation
Boxes 4, 5

Series V. Photographs
Boxes 5, 6, 7

Series VI. Chapter Meeting Minutes (CMM)
Box 8

Series VII. Publications: Traveler
Boxes 8, 9

Series VIII. TRIAD, Journal
Boxes 10, 11

Series IX. Chapter Membership Records
Box 12

Series X. Brother Membership Files
Boxes 12-14

Series XI. Wing Building Documents and Architectural Sketches
Box 14

Series XII. Alumni Mailing Cards, #1-854
Box 15

Series XIII. Architectural Sketches, Blueprints, and Reproductions of Deeds and Other Documents
Boxes 17, 19, Mss. Collection Box 44

Series XIV. Ledgers
Box 18

Series XV. Masonic Literature
Box 20

Series XVI. National Interfraternity Conference Minutes
Box 20