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Administrative Materials [subseries]:
This subseries includes many types of material resulting from administration of the Vicos field station and the activities of various projects done under the auspices of the CPP (Cornell Peru Project). The three major types of material are distinguished by the three sub-subseries.

Administrative Papers and General Information [subseries]:
This section consists of administrative papers and general information. Important types of material are notes, reports, correspondence, and questionnaires. Activities and administrative considerations throughout the time of Cornell's involvement in Vicos are documented; items include Cornell Peru Project proposals and progress reports, and a copy of the Vicos purchase agreement. This section is arranged in three subject groups: first, administrative reports and general information; second, individual reports and projects, and correspondence; and third, analytical models and techniques.

Individual Reports and Projects, and Correspondence
Analytical Models and Techniques
Administrative Correspondence [subseries]:
The administrative correspondence is mostly from 1953-1956 while William C. Blanchard was field director in Vicos. The inclusive dates are 1951-1956. There are two sections in this part: one, correspondence between the CPP and the IPP (Instituto Indigenista Peruana); and two, between the Vicos field station and outside individuals or organizations. The correspondence came to the archives arranged in this manner; it had been maintained as a file by Maxine and William Blanchard while they were in Vicos. In the first section activities and problems arising from joint administration of Hacienda Vicos by CPP and IIP are central topics. This section is arranged chronologically. The chief correspondents are William C. Blanchard, Carlos Monge M., Director of IIP, and Manuel D. Velasco Nunez, Secretary General of IIP. In the second section, the correspondence relates to the organization and maintenance of hacienda operations or to arrangements for studies to be conducted at Vicos. The financial accounts of CPP with various banks are included in this section. The arrangement is alphabetical by sender.

Financial Accounts and Labor Records [subseries]:
This final section consists of financial accounts and labor records of the CPP. The records of hacienda expenditures, the school construction account, and records of seed and produce sales are notable for showing how work on the hacienda was organized. These records are in bound volumes and cover the years 1952-1956.