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Field Data [subseries]:
The CPP field data includes notes from field observations by members of the CPP, as well as data from various censuses, surveys, studies, and activities of the CPP. The field data was collected during studies ranging in date from 1946 t o 1965. There are notes from field observations in Marcara, Vicos and Viru made before the start of the CPP by individuals subsequently involved with the project. The basic arrangement consists of five sections which correspond to the major types of data in the series.

Field Notebooks [subseries]:
Section one contains field note books kept by members of the CPP. Humberto Ghersi Barrera's notebooks on Marcara, and some by Allan R. Holmberg and Mario C. Vazquez predate the start of the official project. The field notebooks contain notes dated from 1948 to 1954, the early years of the project. This is the only ethnographic data in the collection, except for that contained in the HRAF (Human Relations Area Files).

Environmental and Land Tenure Data [subseries]:
Section two contains environmental and land tenure data. A photographic study of land tenure was made in 1955 to show the division of cultivated plots, or chacras, on Hacienda Vicos. Charts and photographs from the study are in this subseries. Environmental data include a daily temperature record kept in 1954-1955, and topographic and hydrological charts from 1963.

HRAF Files and Other Field Notes [subseries]:
The HRAF notes are in section three. The notes were copied onto 8" x 5" paper and categorized according to the HRAF system. Allan R. Holmberg's field notes from Viru are the earliest material in the collection, dating from 1946. Besides the large section of notes on Vicos, there are notes from field work done in Viru, Marcara, Paucartambo, Recuayhuanca, Huaylas and Moche. The files also contain a section of hacienda records, consisting of field accounts, peon work records, and work records for other individuals who held special positions in the hacienda work force. There are three separate files of field notes on Vicos, one that was kept in Vicos, one in Lima, and one in Ithaca. The Ithaca file is by far the largest , and theoretically contains duplicates of notes in the other two files, but duplication is spotty. Additional sorting and filing has been limited to the Ithaca file and there are some notes yet to be sorted and filed. Anyone using the files should be awared that many notes have been over-categorized, which expands quantity, but detracts from substance for the categories. A manual, Outline of Cultural Material, in Box 11 lists the subjects in each category and tells how to use the files.

Censuses and Surveys [subseries]:
Section four contains censuses and surveys taken during the CPP. The data sheets for all censuses are complete, and are organized by zones in Vicos. Aside from the censuses, there are data sheets for a land tenure survey and socio-economic status ratings. Censuses were taken in 1951, 1957, 1959, 1969, and 1963. For data on the New Seed Potato experiment see the analysis sheets in Subseries I - Administrative Materials. Other questionnaires and code designs are also in Subseries I - Administrative Materials.

Health Clinic Records [subseries]:
The fifth section contains records from the Vicos health clinic. They are wall charts used to keep track of patient and staff attendance for 1954-1955.