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Series IV. Cornell Methodology Project [series]:
Material in this series relates to the administration and study design of the Cornell Methodology Project, conducted by the Department of Sociology. Field studies in Vicos were done in the summer of 1953. Vicos was chosen as the site because facilities established at the field station and information already gathered cut down the preparation and cost necessary to get the project underway. The analysis and processing of the field notes was done in Ithaca in 1954-1955. Edward A. Suchman headed the entire Cross-Cultural Methodology Project and Rose K. Goldsen directed the field operations in Vicos. She was assisted by Richard Patch and Bryce Ryan, and had three men to do the interviewing, plus one to collect life histories.

Administration and Operation in Vicos, Ancash, Peru [subseries]:
This subseries contains three groupings of materials based on types of information generated by the project. The first group contains lists of informants and respondents compiled from various censuses and surveys to determine who among the Vicosinos had been interviewed, what their status was, and in which zone of Vicos they lived. The second group consists of material pertaining to the development of the study design, classification system, and qualitative survey interview as well as the design of the four Tareas or field tasks for testing the effects of variations in interview techniques. The third group contains coding information for the qualitative survey and for the 1952 household and individual census.

Field Data from Vicos, Ancash, Peru [subseries]:
The Cornell Methodology Project field data consists of the field notes from Tareas 1-4, and the qualitative survey data. Included as well are the 1952 census returns, which were analyzed for use by the Methodology Project, although actually collected by the CPP. The field notes and life histories from Tareas 1-4 are arranged alphabetically by interviewers, with miscellaneous data at the end. The field data were collected by the Methodology Project field interviewers, copied from their field note books (cuadernos) and divided into four sections, one for each Tarea (field task). The original chronological order of the interviews has been maintained.