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William Dunlap Sargent, was among the foremost authorities on falconry in America. Sargent studied ornithology at Cornell University under Arthur A. Allen, graduating in 1931, receiving an M.S. in 1933 and a Ph.D. in 1936. He taught limnology and ecology at Cornell, 1932-1936, and taught limnology, stream improvement, conservation, and ornithology at City College of New York. A noted bird artist, as well as scientist, he illustrated a number of books on biology.


1908 Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., May 15
1926 Graduated from the Lincoln School of Teacher's College
Summer Staff Entomologist in the museum maintained by AMAH at Kanokwakke Lakes Scout Camp
Entered Cornell University
1927 Summer Junior Nature Counselor, Camp Lincoln, Keeseville, N.Y.
1928 Entomology Museum at Kanokwakke Lakes Camp
1929 Summer Biological Survey of a trout stream for Tuscarora Club, Arena, N.Y.
1930 Summer member of West Virginia University Zoological Field Expedition under Dr. J.G. Needham
1931 B.S., Cornell
1930-1931 Biological Survey of Mashpee River for Mr. J.W. Farley, Boston, Mass.
1932 M.S., Cornell
Summer Survey of North Hudson drainage, fish food unit
1932-1936 Instructor of Ecology and Limnology at Cornell
1936 Ph.D., Cornell, in Limnology
1937-1948 Biology Instructor at City College of N.Y.
1948-1961 Assistant Professor, C.C.N.Y.
1961-1965 Associate Professor, C.C.N.Y.
1965 Died