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Record Book, 1825-1839 [series]: (Volume 1)
Page 1-2
List of members continued from p. 9.

Page 4
Articles of Faith and Practice.

Page 7

Page 8
December 11, 1824. Society is set off from the Baptist Church of Reading.

Page 9
List of members.

Page 10
January 1, 1825. First monthly covenant meeting.

Page 15
June 1, 1825. The church is constituted by council.

Page 19
The church plans to join the Steuben Association.

Page 56-57
January 1830: Resolution supporting the spread of the Gospel. May 1833: Many new members.

Page 109
February 13, 1836: Brother is upset with "signs of the times sentiment. May 1838: Many new members. April 13, 1839: Discussion of the Sabbath controversy and the holding of a protracted meeting. July 13, 1839: Last meeting.

4 p.
List of male members.

5 p.
List of female members.

A Book of Records of the Baptist Church of Christ at Tyrone, 1839-1858 [series]: (Volume 2)
Inside cover
September - November 1844. Minutes.

Inside cover
September 1839: Minutes commence. March 6, 1847: Anti-secret society resolution. October 29, 1854: Discussion of various plans for donations to various benevolent societies. January 27, 1855: The church adopts the articles of faith of the Steuben Baptist Association. The articles of faith follow. December 27, 1856: A meeting to pray for a revival is held. January 30 - February 4, 1858: A revival.

8 p.
List of male members; names, if they are baptised, received or dismisses by letter, excluded, died or restored.

11 p.
List of female members with information as above.

April 27, 1850. Trustee election meeting minutes, n.d. Trustee election meeting minutes.

Records of the Tyrone Baptist Church, 1853-1874 [series]: (Volume 3)
Page 1-3
Missing from the volume.

Page 4

Page 5
Minutes of September 7, 1839, October 1839.

Title Page
"Records of the Tyrone Baptist Church"

Page 4
Minutes commence, April 24, 1858.

Page 34
August 25, 1860. The church decides to change its name to "The First Baptist Church of Altay" to correspond with the village and post office.

Page 36-37
December 1860. Revival.

Page 75
October 1862. Resolution on "free" seating in the church.

Page 101
May 27, 1865. A day of mourning for President Lincoln is declared.

Page 126
March 9, 1867. Many new members March 16, 1867. Many new members.

Page 204-211
Names of male members

Page 214-224
Names of female members. Articles of Faith adopted January 27, 1855.