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Series XII. Bound Manuscripts from Rabinowitz collection #4661 [series]:
[Ḳovets be-khishuf] (4661 Bd. Ms. 1)
Author : Unknown
Notes : Ms., written in a Greek-Sephardi hand. This ms. is a fortune-teller's handbook. Many graffiti, some in Greek and Judaeo-Greek. Sefer ha-goralot is attributed to Abraham ibn Ezra.
Table of contents : Urim ṿe-tumim (leaves 6a-31a)
Sefer ha-goralot / Even ʻEzra (leaves 33b-44a)
Shaʻar toldot bene Adam (leaf 46b)
Reʻamim u-raʻashim (leaf 47b)
Segulot u-ḳemeʻot (leaves 49a-52b)
Goralot / Saʻadyah Ga'on (leaves 55b-68a)

Totseʼot ḥayim, Reshit ḥokhmah. Selections (4661 Bd. Ms. 2 tiny)
Author : Vidas, Elijah ben Moses de
Notes : Ms., written in a North African Sephardi hand. Totseʼot ḥayim is an abridgement of Vidas' ethical and cabalistic work Reshit ḥokhmah. It is probably a transcription of the Amsterdam printed ed. of 1650. Title from running title. Also includes his Yoreh ḥaṭaʼim ba-derekh (drawn from Isaiah Horowitz' Shene luḥot ha-Berit).

[Kelale Shemuʼel] (4661 Bd. Ms. 3)
Author : Sid, Samuel Ibn
Notes : Ms., written in an East European Ashkenazi hand. Includes: Kelale Shemuʼel (Samuel's Rules); with additional notes by an unknown Talmudist in a second scribal hand.

[Legal works] (4661 Bd. Ms. 4-5)
Author : Albuḥair, David
Notes : Ms., in a Sephardi hand. Author's autograph on several leaves. Ms. contains novellae (on Talmud), liḳuṭim (on Maimonides), responsa (correspondence with various contemporary legal authorities). In cases labeled: Legal works.

[Papers of Rabbi Ishmael Cohen of Modena] (4661 Bd. Ms. 6++)
Author : Ishmael ben Abraham Isaac ha-Kohen
Notes : Ms., of variantly sized sheets. Written in an Italian hand except for a long letter (5 long sheets) of Responsa (written in Ashkenazi cursive script), from an East European authority, perhaps R. Reuben Selig Ashkenazi of Zamoscz. Papers include: Novellae on Talmud and Maimonides' Code, Responsa, Confession-formulary for the eve of Rosh ha-Shanah, homiletical notes on Genesis.

Sefer Shemen ha-mishḥah, Shemen ha-mishḥah (4661 Bd. Ms. 7)
Author : Shemuʾel ben Mosheh Ḥayim.
Notes : Ms., written in a Sephardi hand. Text is mainly on civil law, legal responsa. Inscribed leaves are in various sizes. With vignette. Part 1, only, of this work was printed in Constantinople in 1840. In case labeled: Samuel b. Moses Hayyim.

[Kitve ha-Ari annotations] (4661 Bd. Ms. 8)
Author : Vital, Ḥayyim ben Joseph
Notes : Ms., written in an East European cursive hand. Annotations, mainly by Vital on various aspects of the Lurianic Kabalah. An owner of the ms., writing in 1879, has added marginal notes indicating other works in which portions of the material are to be found (leaves [1-159]). An additional work is included (leaves [161-192]) consisting of annotations of Vital's Otsrot hayim, attributed to R. Natan Spira and to Mosheh Zakuto. This work is written in an East European Rashi-script. Title on spine: Kithebhe ha-ʼAri. Notes by I. Rabinowitz inserted.

[Otsrot Ḥayim], Lurianic Kabbalah (4661 Bd. Ms. 9-10+)
Author : Vital, Hayyim ben Joseph
Notes : Ms., written in a North African hand. Annotations by Avraham Azulai and others. This ms. is quite different from the printed eds. of this work. Leaves are missing at the beginning and end of the ms. In cases labeled: Lurianic Kabbalah.

[Derushim ʻal sefer Otsrot Ḥayim] (4661 Bd. Ms. 11)
Author : Vital, Ḥayyim ben Joseph
Notes : Ms., written in East European Ashkenazi cursive hand. Nine disquisitions based upon Sefer Otsrot Ḥayim.

Afṭariot ha-Torah, Haftarot. Aramaic & Hebrew (4661 Bd. Ms. 12)
Author : Unknown
Notes : Ms., originated in Yemen. Title taken from caption. Scripture and Targum in superlinear vocalization.

[Seder ṿe-Tashlikh ; [ṿe], Seder Hoshaʻna Raba], Seder Tashlikh (4661 Bd. Ms. 13)
Author : Unknown
Notes : Ms., written in several Italian hands. Liturgy from Minhag Carpentras.

[Sidur, Temani], Siddur (Yemen) (4661 Bd. Ms. 14-16++)
Author : Unknown
Notes : Ms., in Yemenite script. In addition to daily, Sabbath, and festival prayers, the ms. contains Pirḳe Avot, Scroll of the Hasmoneans (in Aramaic), blessing-formulae, a calendrical work and calendrical tables, a legal document formulary, poems and hymns (by Ibn Gabirol, Yehudah Halevi, A. Ibn Ezra, etc.). The ms. is dated 1511 for some parts; 1649-1650 for others.

[Sidur minhag Sefarad] (4661 Bd. Ms. 17-18)
Author : Unknown
Notes : Ms., North African Sephardi. The Siddur has many additions and Kaṿanot of mystical character; also calendrical texts. In cases labeled: Siddur, minhag Sepharad.

Maḥazor (4661 Bd. Ms. 19)
Author : Unknown
Notes : Ms., in Yemenite script. Title taken from caption title. Includes prayers for Festivals and the Fast of the 9th day of Av. Other texts include: Scroll of the Hasmoneans (in Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic [treated as if sacred Scripture]; Pirḳe Avot; Midrash of the Ten Commandments, Peṭirat Aharon and Peṭirat Mosheh (in Judaeo-Arabic); legal and ritual formularies; calendrical pieces (mainly in Judaeo-Arabic), etc.

Sefer shel pizmonin di moʻadim zeh sefer shel ʻAzaryah Laṭaś me-ʻir Ḳuni (4661 Bd. Ms. 20)
Author : Unknown
Notes : Ms., compiled by Azariah Lattes of Cuneo (Italy) in accord with the liturgy of Provence. Title taken from leaf [14a]. Original t.p. has an erasure: Zeh sefer pizmonim shel moʻadim di ---]. At head of title of original t.p.: Sefer.

[Maḥazor le-Rosh ha-Shanah, minhag Ḳarpenṭrats] (4661 Bd. Ms. 21)
Author : Maḥzor (Carpentras, France). Rosh ha-Shanah
Notes : Title on case: Minhag carpentras. Ms., written in Provencal script.


Author : Maḥzor (Carpentras, France). Sukkot
Notes : Ms., written in a Provencal hand. Includes: Liturgy for Sukot, Hoshaʻna raba, Shemini ʻatseret,and Śimḥat Torah in the minhag of Carpentras, France.

[Sheḥiṭah] (4661 Bd. Ms. 23)
Author : Unknown
Notes : Ms., written in a Sephardi hand. Includes: 1. Various texts on matters germane to ritual meat-slaughtering (including some poetry); 2. ha-Ḥibur meha-Bediḳot / Nisim ha-Kohen; 3. Responsa on the laws of sheḥiṭah, based on the Code of Maimonides. Includes some Judaeo-Italian and Italian graffiti.

Sefer toldot Yitsḥaḳ (4661 Bd. Ms. 24)
Author : Isaac ben David Alzera
Notes : Ms., written in a North-African Sephardi hand. Text is a miscellany, containing calendrical and meteorological texts, a work on grammar, various homilies, and other material, not all the original work of this compiler. With vignette.

Liḳutim ʻal ha-Torah me-S. Naḥal Ḳedumim, Naḥal Ḳedumim. Selections (4661 Bd. Ms. 25+)
Author : Azulai, Hayyim Joseph David
Notes : In case labeled: Sepher Nahal Qedumim. Ms., Yemenite, is an abridgement of the printed text, probably printed in Livorno, Italy, in 1794. The last 7 p. are copied by a second ms. hand., with notes and comments of mainly mystical character.

[Perush ʻal Perush ha-Torah le-Rashi] (4661 Bd. Ms. 26 tiny)
Author : Unknown
Notes : Ms., North African, Sephardi. Commentary on Genesis 6:1-41:1. Unidentified author. A note on leaf [1] reads: "Zeh ha-sefer yotsro ṿe-gam ḥoḳro ha-Rav Maharam"Ṭ [mi-Ṭoledano?]. Several members of the Toledano family had written commentaries on Rashi's works.

[Midrash ha-Neʻelam ; Shir ha-shirim ; Rut ; Ḳohelet ; Maʻaśeh be-Ḥiram melekh Tsor], Bible. Five Scrolls. Selections. (4661 Bd. Ms. 27)
Author : Unknown
Notes : Ms., originated in Yemen. Includes: Scripture and Targum of Song of Songs, with Targum in superlinear vocalization; Book of Ruth and Ecclesiastes with Targum and commentaries; portions of Midrash ha-Neʻelam; and, Maʻaśeh be-Ḥiram melekh Tsor.

[Midrash on Megilat Ester] (4661 Bd. Ms. 28)
Author : Unknown
Notes : Ms., written in a North African Sephardi hand. Judeo-Arabic text; very fragmentary and stained. Title on cover of ms. and on spine of case: Midrash on Ester.

Yad ḥaruzim (4661 Bd. Ms. 29)
Author : Unknown
Notes : Ms., written in an Italian hand. The rhyming phrases are drawn mainly from the Talmud. This ms. is not the same as the Yad ḥaruzim of Gershom ben Moses Hefez, which was printed in Venice in 1700. The ms. vol. also contains 2 loose inserts: 1. A prayer for utterance by a person in jail and awaiting trial; 2. An anecdote about a Jewish trapeze-artist who saved a family in Alencon from death by fire.