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Nov. 11, 1831 Daniel Willard Fiske born at Ellisburg, New York
1845-1847 Student at Cazenovia Seminary, Cazenovia, New York
1847-1848 Student at Hamilton College, Clinton, New York
1850-1852 Scandinavia. Studied at the University of Upsala. In Copenhagen (1850, 1851), Fiske was connected with the United States Legation. Correspondent for American newspapers
1852-1861 Returned to America where he continued as newspaper correspondent. From 1852-1859, he held a position in the Astor Library (NYC). From 1857-1860, he edited the American Chess Monthly
1861-1863 Attache to the United States legation in Vienna
1863-1865 Editorial Staff of the Syracuse Daily Journal
1865-1867 Book dealer
1867-1868 Staff of the Hartford Courant
1868-1883 While traveling abroad he was offered the position of Professor of North-European Languages and Librarian of Cornell University. On July 13, 1880 he was married to Jennie McGraw who died in Ithaca on Sept. 30, 1881. During 1882-1883 Fiske made trips to Egypt and Europe and it was in the latter year that the Petrarch Collection was begun. There were more European travels until 1883 when Fiske severed all connections with Cornell University
1883-1892 Lived in Florence in a rented villa (Villa Forini) until 1888. During these years in Italy he made several trips to the United States, Egypt, Scandinavia, and other European countries.
1892-1904 In 1892 Fiske purchased and proceeded to remodel the Villa Landor near Florence where he entertained many guests and pursued his book collecting and many other interests. The Dante Collection was begun in 1893. In 1891 the Rhaeto-Romantic Collection was started.
Sept. 17, 1904 Daniel Willard Fiske died at Frankfort-on-the-Main, Germany. Buried next to Jennie McGraw Fiske in the Crypt of Sage Chapel at Cornell University.
Trips to United States were made in 1889, 1890, 1891-1892, 1893, 1895-1896, 1897; to Egypt in 1888-1889, 1898; to Scandinavia periodically (according to HSW in Chronological Outline, Willard Fiske, Life and Correspondence)