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Coordinator's Reports
March/April, 1978. Bi-weekly reports for periods ending April 14 and March 10 from John O'Leary, Nassau, re organizing, negotiations, NYEA activity; Mid-Hudson report from Stanley Kern re NYEA, school-related personnel, March 13; Suffolk regional report from John DeGregorio re negotiations, workshops, April 3; report from Leon Lieberman, Albany, re physical inadequacy of office, April 3; report from Tony Ficcio, noting most of his time had been devoted to PEF activities, March 30; report from Robert Allen, discussing NYEA situation in Watertown and other North Country locals, April 4; report from Ron Uba re organizing in Western New York, also noting "pathetic" secretarial staffing situation, April 4; John O'Leary's bi-weekly report for period ending March 31, noting organizing, negotiations in Nassau region; report by Robert Klein re negotiations in Elmsford region, April 4, with attached salary schedule increases and rankings by district, from 1973-74 to 1979-80, March 15, 1978; report by John DeGregorio, Suffolk, re negotiations, April 3; UUP report from Evelyn Hartman, noting "hot and heavy" NEA challenges, March 16; monthly report from C.N. (Chuck) Rodgers re Vestal/Elmira Service Center spring conference, Ithaca College vote, NYEA "propaganda," other organizing, March 14, attached NYSUT Vestal-Elmira newsletters; Syracuse Regional Office Local Visibility Profile matrix, developed to assess vulnerability of locals to challenges by NEA, March 14; recent activity report from Frank Squillace re negotiations in Syracuse region, need for more office help, March 15; memo form Ray Samson discussing deficiencies with Visibility Profile in assessing strength of connection with NYSUT, March 31; memo from Vito DeLeonardis to regional coordinators, requesting use of visibility profile and feedback as to whether it is a useful instrument, March 2