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Part I [series]:
Records of the First Baptist Church at Seneca Falls New York, 1828. [subseries]: (Item 1)
This volume contains the Articles of Faith, Covenant, minutes of covenant and regular church meetings of the church and of the Baptist Conference which predated it from Sept. 15, 1827 to Feb. 24, 1850, and "A List of names of members of the Baptist Church .. Constituted the 5th June, 1828," containing the name, date of baptism, admission by letter, dismission, exclusion, restoration, date of death, and a list for March 10, 1846 (p. 323) with names of members for visiting.

First Baptist Church of Seneca Falls, N.Y. Record no. 2. [subseries]: (Item 2)
This volume contains the Articles of Faith, Church Covenant, and minutes of regular and covenant meetings (July 3, 1853 - July 10, 1853) with a list of members with the same information as that listed above in 9 double-faced pages.

Volume I page 3
Articles of Faith

Volume I page 7

Volume I page 9, Sept. 15, 1827
church organization

Volume I page , Oct. 8, 1828
council meets to form church

Volume I page 15, Oct. 25, 1828
minutes of the church commence

Volume I page , Aug. 30, 1834
1st letter to the Ontario Baptist Council's annual meeting, which contains year-end reports of temporal affairs and spiritual progress, including membership statistics, additional letters are as follows:

Volume I page 65, Sept. 23, 1835

Volume I page 73, Sept. 29, 1836

Volume I page 80-81, Sept. 23, 1837

Volume I page 96, Sept. 27, 1838

Volume I page 121, Sept. 1839

Volume I page 160, Sept. 21, 1840

Volume I page 196, Sept. 1841

Volume I page 247, Sept. 1842

Volume I page 331, March 10, 1846

Volume I page 149, Sept. 1848

Volume I page 76, Jan. 28, 1858
founding of Waterloo Conference Tyre church

Volume I page 99, Jan. 8, 1839
Doctrine of Universal Salvation

Volume I page 103-104
Doctrine of Universal Salvation

Volume I page 138, 141, March 5, 1840
bro. is licensed to preach to the Sailors in Oswego

Volume I page 140, 145, April 11, 1840
Bro. Sheardon visits and quickens many souls

Volume I page 176, Feb. 23, 1841

Volume I page 179-185, Feb. 27, 1841
Mr. Bachus leads a revival

Volume I page 214, Oct. 1841
problems with the subscription system

Volume I page 239-24 2, Aug. 9, 1842
resolution on the evils of slavery

Volume I page 236-237, Aug. 2, 1842
Baptist Conference in Fayette

Volume I page 252, letter for l84l
discussion of a revival

Volume I page 255, Nov. 8, 1842

Volume I page 258, Jan. 17, 1843

Volume I page 292, Nov. 23, 1843

Volume I page 308, March 23, 1844
Bro. Pinney, the minister, resigns

Volume I page 318
wife beating

Volume I page 375
"a List of the names of members..."

Volume II
Articles of Faith

Volume II
Covenant of the Church

Volume II
Minutes - begin July 3, 1853

Volume II, pages 33-49
Names of members

Part II [series]:
"The Hard Shell Baptists" sermon, n.d. [subseries]: (Item 1)
The term, "Hard-Shell Baptists" was used during the 19th century to refer to primitive, fundamentalist, uneducated Baptists. This sermon may not have originated vith the First Baptist Church of Seneca Falls, but has been filed with other Baptist material because of the title.

This is a comical, satirical sermon, possibly pretend, referring to an uneducated preacher. It also satirizes other religious groups including Methodists, United Brethren, Catholics and Universalists, and their ways of attaining salvation, c. 1860

"The Baptist Church Manual", 1853. [subseries]: (Item 2)
Published by the American Baptist Publication Society, Philadelphia.

"The Sunday School Receiving Book," Nov. 1838-1850. [subseries]: (Item 3)
Contains lists of pupils with date of entry, register number, parent's name, parent's occupation and character, residence, class, and remarks. There is one list for 1838-46, one for Oct. 22, 1848-1850. A list of Sunday School officers is also included.