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Series III: Book Reviews, 1927-1960 [series]:
Factory legislation and its administration, 1891-1924. by H.A. Mess (1927); Industrial progress and regulatory legislation in New York. by the National Industrial Conference Board (1928); The labor injunction. by Felix Frankfurter and Nathan Greene (1930); Labor and the Sherman Act. by Edward Berman. 2 separate reviews. (1931); The United States employment service, by Ruth M. Kellog (1933); Shorter hours: A study of the movement since the Civil War. by Marian Cotter Cahill (1934); Administrative labor legislation: A study of American experience in the delegation of legislative power. by John B. Andrews (1936); Insecurity: A challenge to America: A study of social insurance in the United States and abroad. by Abraham Epstein (1936); The commonwealth of industry: The separation of industry and the state. by Benjamin A. Javits (1937); Labor problems and labor law. by A. G. Taylor (1939); Old age security: Social and financial trends. By Margaret Grant (1940); Public policy: A yearbook of the graduate school of public administration, Harvard University. Ed. by C. J. Friedrich and Edward S. Mason (1940); Government and economic life: Development and current issues of American public policy. By L. S. Lyon, M. W. Watkins, V. A. Abramson, and associates (1940); Rival unionism in the United States. By Walter Galenson (1940); The federal role in unemployment compensation administration. By Raymond C. Atkinson (1941); British unemployment programs, 1920 - 1938. By Eveline M. Burns (1941); Economics of social security. By Seymour E. Harris (1942); Old age pensions: An historical and critical study. By Sir Arnold Wilson and G. S. MacKay (1942); Old age in Sweden: A program of social security. By Helen Fisher Hohman (1942); The judicial function in federal administrative agencies. By J. P. Chamberlain, N. T. Dowling, P. R. Hays (1943); How to tell progress from reaction: Roads to industrial democracy. By Manya Gordin (1944); Earnings and social security in the United States: A report prepared for the committee on social security. By W. S. Woytinsky (1945); Wage determination under trade unions. By John T. Dunlop (1945); Relief and social security. By Lewis Meriam (1946); Collective bargaining - How to make it more effective. By the C. E. D. Committee on Collective Bargaining (1947); The challenge of industrial relations By Sumner H. Slichter (1947); Industrial peace and the Wagner Act. By Theodore Iserman (1947); A national labor policy. By Harold W. Metz and Meyer Jacobson (1947)

Labor unions in action, a study of the mainsprings of unionism. By Jack Barbash (1948); The issue of compulsory health insurance. By George W, Bachman and Lewis Meriam (1949); Collective bargaining in the steel industry. By Robert Tilove (1949); The San Francisco employers' council. By George D. Bahrs (1949); The Taft-Hartley Act and multi-employer bargaining. By Jesse Freidin (1949); Social implications of industry-wide bargaining. . By Otto Pollak (1949); Reports of joint committee on labor management relations. By the Congress of the United States. (1949); The American social security system. By Eveline M. Burns (1950); The right to organize and its limits. By Kurt Braun (1950); The hew society: The anatomy of the industrial order. By Peter F. Drucker (1951); Government and collective bargaining. By Fred Witney (1951); Defense without inflation. By Albert G. Hart (1951); Life of an American workman. By Walter P. Chrysler (1952); Interpreting the labor movement. Ed. by G.W. Brooks, M. Berber, D.A.McCabe, and P. Taft (1953); Social security financing. By Ida C. Merriam (1953); Employment and wages in the United States. By W. S. Woytinsky and Associates (1953); Review and reflections: A half century of labor relations. By Cyrus S. Ching (1954); labor disputes and their settlement. By Kurt Braun (1955); Economic needs of older people. By the committee on economic needs of older people. (1956); Social security and public policy. By Eveline M. Burns (1957); Contemporary collective bargaining in seven countries. By Adolph Sturmthal, ed. (1957); The economic status of the aged. By Peter O. Steiner and Robert Dorfman (1957); The A.F. of L. in the time of Gompers. By Philip Taft. (1957); Retirement policies under social security. By Wilber J. Cohen (1958); The maritime story: A study in labor-management relations. By Joseph P. Goldberg (1958); Labor union and public policy. By E. H. Chamberlain, P. D. Bradley, G. D. Reilly, and Roscoe Pound. (1960)