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Series I. Administration and Personnel records, 1906-1977,

Boxes 1-10, 60-63, 78-82, 85-86

Administrative records are filed by council, committee, or department; personnel records are filed alphabetically within the category of their employment including academic staff, department staff, and graduate students.

Series II. Cooperation of the College with Governmental, Educational, and Private Organizations, 1916-1959.

Boxes 10-15

Records are filed by groups designated as either government related, educational institutions, or private organizations. Files are also broken down into national, state, or local designations.

Series III. All College Activities, 1909-1979

Boxes 15-17, 73, 76

Filed by topics including Cooperation with College of Agriculture; Divisions of the University; SUNY; and Farmers Institute and Farmers Week, and Home Economics/Human Ecology Alumni Institutes (1952-1979.)

Series IV. World War I, World War II, and Wartime, Defense, and Relief Work, 1917-1947.

Boxes 17-19

Includes material about the U.S. Food Administration, Thrift Program, food conservation effort, National Defense Program, New York State Emergency Food Commission, New York State War Council, and Flora Rose's work with Belgian War Relief.

Series V. Student Activities, ca.1918-1969.

Boxes 19-21, 51, 65, 74, 83

Includes material about undergraduate and graduate programs, homemaking apartments, summer sessions, winter courses, nursing, fellowships, scholarships, international students, student organizations, the graduate staff organization, and alumni studies and surveys.

Series VI. Teaching and Research Series, 1911-1967.

Boxes 21-23, 84, 87, 89

Includes studies and reports including state projects on child development and family relationships, home economics education, textiles and clothing, housing and design, institutional management, hotel administration, and miscellaneous projects and reports. Also includes a history of research and the college research committee.

Series VII. Extension Series, 1901-1948.

Boxes 24-25

Includes general information with an early history of extension, material about extension publications, and Farmers' Wives Reading Course and Clubs material and booklets, 1901-1940.

Series VIII. Correspondence

Boxes 25-26, 70-72, 75, 102

Between Martha Van Rensselaer and Flora Rose with Cornell staff including A. R. Mann, Liberty Hyde Bailey, W. A. Stocking, Cornelius Betten, Jacob G. Schurman; Extension staff including R. H. Wheeler and M. C. Burritt; with agriculture professors; with politicians including the Hoovers and Roosevelts; and invitations and calling cards.

Series IX. Furnishings, 1927-1954.

Boxes 27-32, 100

Includes blueprints, sketches, photographs, samples, specifications, orders, estimates, plans, inventories, and printed material about the building of Martha Van Rensselaer Hall and all of the College of Home Economics office spaces, departments,classroom facilities, practice apartments, and laboratories.

Series X. College History, 1875-1965.

Boxes 33-38, 52-54, 56-57

This series was artificially created and includes material taken from other series, it depicts a history of the college from several research points including the history of Martha Van Rensselaer's life, Flora Rose's life, a small amount of material about the deanship of Sarah G. Blanding; annua1 reports of the college; Belgian War Relief material collected by Flora Rosa; material about the College Bill which was a state bill to start the College of Home Economics; and includes correspondence, telegrams, clip pings, photographs, printed material, biographical sketches, reminiscences, minutes of meetings and committees, conference material, and interviews.

Series XI. Photographs, Negatives, Slides, Videos, Motion Pictures, ca.1900-1968.

Boxes 39-43, 49, 55, 64, 68, 77, 90,96, 100, 101, 106

With early photos and a tintype of Martha Van Rensselaer's family. Photographs are identified and described, most are dated. They are arranged by topics including resident teaching, public relations efforts, all-college activities, administration and personnel, departments and divisions, buildings and equipment, and history of the College.

Series XII. Printed Material, 1895-1970.

Boxes 44-47, 66, 67, 88, 98-99, 102, 103, 104. 110

With reports, programs, announcements, schedules, calendars, pamphlets, booklets, and volumes concerning the College of Home Economics including programs of the Homemakers' Conference; programs of the Annual Convention of the Association of Land-Grant Colleges; Home Economics News; Belgian publications (in French); and Farmers Wives Reading Course Booklets, 1901 - 1940.

Series XIII. Scrapbooks and Miscellany, 1902-1962.

Boxes 40, 48-50, 58-59, 64, 91-95, 97, 105

Includes scrapbooks about the Farmers' Wives Reading Course, 1902-1912; Farm and Home Week Special, 1946; "Let's Make a Dress"; a letterbook with copies of Martha Van Rensselaer's letters,1902-1905; Dean Canoyer's desk calendars; and diplomas, a broadside, and an etching done by Anna Botsford Comstock.