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Videos [subseries]:
"A College of Home Economics" (2 video copies) (V-493)
Use DVD-688

"A College of Home Economics" copy of V-493 (DVD-688)
"A College of Home Economics" - 1948 and "Helping Negros to Become Better Farmers and Homemakers" (V-494)
"The Home Economics Story" (2 video copies) (V-495)
"The Happier Way" and "Teen Togs" and "Why Study Home Economics?" (V-496)
"Why Study Home Economics?" (2 video copies) (V-497)
Box contains masters of videos found in box 108
Prelinger Archive films [subseries]:
These films were downloaded from the Prelinger Archive, http://archive.org/details/prelinger. The films were either produced by or feature scenes from Cornell.

"For Health and Happiness" - Helen Monsch - narrator (DVD-859)
"Body Care and Grooming" (DVD-859)
"Marriage Is a Partnership" - Lemo Rockwood - educational collaborator (DVD-859)
"School Rules: How They Help Us" - Marvin Glock - educational collaborator - Prof in Educational Psychology (DVD-859)
"Communists on Campus" - Students for a Democratic Society (DVD-859)