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Scrapbook, loose items
Includes copy of captioned newspaper photograph and original photograph of Dr. En-Mei Yui, Dr. Mary T. Greene, Dr,. Rosetta Sherwood Hall, and Dr. Marion Craig Potter, September 14,1911 library steps Castile, New York photograph of Dr. Katherine Mulhall, Dr. Jessica W. Findlay, Dr. Hatch, Dr. Sherman Riker, Dr. Mary Sloan, Dr. Helene Kuhlman, Dr. Dickinson, Dr. Christiana, Marian Greene, Dr. May Allen, Dr. Himmelsbock, Dr. Justin, Dr. Bennett, Dr. Mary Greene, Dr. Pierson, Dr. Louise Hurrell, and Dr. Clara March, 3 photographs - Liu Yui 1937, Dr. Y.T. Jiang and Dr. C.T. Chow 1937, Chang Hsiao Chang and Li Kwei Ling 1948, photographs of students Margaret Garrett and Kunjoonjamma Jacob, photograph of M.P. Jeffery, Edna Engle, and Nurse Kamalani, photograph K.M.F. chapel and dispensary building, 2 postcards of first senior class W.M.I, Seoul, Korea, resolution, ballots, meeting and annual dinner programs, Elizabeth Blackwell award pamphlet, correspondence, receipts, postcard new buildings of Ewha College, Seoul, Korea, postcard three senoir W.F.M.S. physicians of Korea - Dr. Rosetta Sherwood Helb, Dr. Mary Cutler, Dr. Stewart, printed photograph on Marian B. Hall, M.D., copy of picture and map of the new home of the W.M.I, Seoul,Korea with text in Korean, printed card including photograph from the Kotagiri Medical Fellowship, South India, photograph Dr. Rosetta Sherwood Hall, grand aunt of Rosetta Hall, magazine articles, obituaries, blank dues card, reports, committee members, letters in Korean, booklet - photographs of Greene Sanitarium and grounds, Castile, NY, World Service of the Methodist Episcopal Church missions program