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Williamsburg Organizing: Campaign Outreach
Spanish. List of campaign members, 12/30/89; fact sheet sent to members, Campaign for Justice in Brooklyn, 12/29/89; "Statement of Support by the Catholic Religious Community of Brooklyn for the Workers Employed by the Williamsburg Trade Association Who Are Striving to Organize a Real Union" with cover letter from ILG vice president Susan Cowell to Msgr. Basler asking for support, 12/29/89; letter from Cowell to Jewish Labor Committee; letter to NLRB from ILG legal department seeking immediate injunction against Williamsburg Trade Association, 12/12/89; correspondence between congressman Stephen Solarz and ILG vice president Evelyn Dubrow, 12/89; letters to Black Trade Unionist Leadership Committee, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, and Longshoremen's Assoc. from ILG vice president Edgar Romney, 12/89; letters from Mazur and Romney to Brooklyn District Attorney Elizabeth Holtzman, City Council president Andrew Stein, state senators, NYS AFL-CIO, clergy, community leaders; other letters urging support, with list of recipients, 11/20/89; letter from Dennis Rivera, president, Local 1199, Drug, Hospital, & Health Care Employees Union, to Mazur and Romney, expressing support, 11/89; list of prominent Hispanics to contact, 10/89; "Testimony of Rev. Fred Davie, Jr., Before the Department of Labor Hearings on Industrial Homework in the Women's Apparel Industry, New York, March 30, 1989"; "Afternoon Session" (Archdeacon Michael S. Kendall, Episcopal Diocese of New York, before Judge Vittone); meeting agenda "on local 17-18 campaign," 1/2/89, with list of employer members of the Williamsburg Trade Association, showing size of workforce at each; letter from Jewish Community Relations Council to Washington Post, objecting to news coverage (clipping attached), 12/1/86; edited draft of proposed leaflet in Spanish and English; leaflet; handwritten notes