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Church Book, 1830-1844 [series]:
Item #2. Meeting minute book. Items of note:

Page 1, Oct. 2, 1830
Articles of faith; changing governance structure

Page 2, Dec. 2, 1830
Election of elders; covenant and confession of faith.

Page 6, 1830
"Members when Organized," with dates, names, and remarks.

Page 18, Feb. 4, 1837
Session minutes begin. In the minutes are recorded elections of trustees, elders, chairperson, and deacons, examination and admission of new members, dismissions and exclusions, charges, testimonies and decisions made in disciplinary cases, appointments to committees, communions, baptisms, and passage/adoption of resolutions.

Page 3, Oct 6, 1832
Delegates appointed to attend a "Consociation" meeting, possibly of the Presbytery.

Page 36, Oct. 14, 1834
Resolution to admit only temperant candidates.

Page 41, April 26, 1835
Temperance resolution adopted.

Page 42, May 1, 1835
Antislavery resolution adopted.

Page 44, Aug. 1, 1835
Changes in governance and congregation.

Page 44, Jan. 30, 1844
Last entry of session minutes. At the end of the volume are a subscription list (1843) with names and amounts, and Annual Meeting minutes (Nov. 16, 1833-Nov. 12, 1837, five entries: election of trustees and financial actions).