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I. Administrative files of the executive secretaries, 1951-1957. [series]:
A. Minutes of Governance Committees, 1951-1957. [subseries]:
B. Fund for Adult Education : reports of participating university projects, 1952-1955. [subseries]:
C. Miscellaneous materials, 1951-1957. [subseries]:
D. Financial records, 1951-1957. [subseries]:
E. General record books, 1951-1957. [subseries]:
F. Labor education: a study report on needs, programs, and approaches, 1956. [subseries]:
II. Correspondence files of the executive secretaries, 1951-1957. [series]:
A. Correspondence of Committee members, 1952-1957. [subseries]:
B. Correspondence of labor members of the Board of Directors, 1952-1957. [subseries]:
C. Correspondence and reports of special consultants, 1953-1957. [subseries]:
Consultants included Jack Barbash (research and education director, American Federation of Labor), Alice H. Cook (professor, NYSSILR), Agnes M. Douty (assistant director of labor education, Roosevelt University), Adolf F. Sturmthal (professor of home study, University of Chicago), Brendan Sexton (education director, United Automobile Workers), Theodore H. Brown (director of research and education, Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters), and John M. Brumm (executive director, Committee for the Nation's Health Inc.). The correspondence and reports regard production of pamphlets, international workers' education, workers' education programs in union locals, adult education, grant proposals, labor-management relations, farmer-labor relations, racial integration, labor health projects, labor colleges for workers' education in non-labor agencies in foreign countries, and education in international affairs.

D. Correspondence on regional conferences, 1955-1957. [subseries]:
Correspondents include George Mitchell, (executive director, Southern Regional Council, Inc.); Rufus E. Clement (president, Atlanta University); Stanton E. Smith (president, Tennessee State Federation of Labor); B.R. Brazeal (dean, Morehouse College); John Mates (assistant to president, United Mine Workers of America); John Conners (director of education, American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations); Clark Kerr (chancellor, Univ. of California at Berkeley), John Hutchison (coordinator of labor programs), and Arthur Carstens (assistant director of labor programs) of the University of California; John L. Lewis (president, United Mine Workers of America); George Higgins (director, National Catholic Welfare Conference); Clinton Golden (executive director, Harvard University Trade Union Program); B.A. Whitney (director, Education and Research, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen); Stanton E. Smith (president, Tennessee Federation of Labor); E.J. Soop (director of Extension Service, University of Michigan); and Guy Berry (associate director, Department of Adult Education, University of Arkansas). The correspondence regards the study of needs of workers in the field of education, advanced liberal education, cooperative workers' education programs conducted by labor and non-labor groups, and arrangements for and participants in the various conferences.

E. Correspondence with the Ford Foundation Fund for Adult Education, 1952-1957. [subseries]:
The correspondence generally concerns the administration of the Inter-University Labor Education Committee (IULEC) programs supported by FAE grant funds; scholarships; international workers' education; establishment of workers' education programs in various universities; relations with philanthropic foundations; adult education; coordination of regional programs; adult education films; tax exempt status of IULEC; leadership training awards; and community health programs.

Additional documents include progress reports and minutes of regional committees; addresses and speeches by Blakeley; and memoranda of FAE to grantees on the status of grant funds.

F. Correspondence with participating universities, 1951-1957. [subseries]:
Materials concerning IULEC projects at the University of Chicago include letters of John Caldwell (director of union services) and Maurice F.X. Donohue (dean) of the University College; memoranda, statements, and reports regarding proposed program for the University of Chicago union leadership training project; University of Chicago union education service grant applications; a proposal for a project on labor's stake in world affairs; research on questionnaire construction; home study adult education courses; proposals for the development of instructional materials for use in unions in the area of mental health; and a professional union officers' program in workers' education and leadership development.

Documents regarding Cornell University projects include letters of Alice H. Cook (professor), Martin P. Catherwood (dean) and Ralph N. Campbell (director of Extension) of the New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, regarding a Cornell project on labor participation in community affairs; establishment of an institute for training workers' education specialists; and proposals for grant renewal.

Files of documents regarding the University of Illinois project include letters of Phillips L. Garman (coordinator of Extension), A.J. Wann (assistant professor of labor relations) and Robben Fleming (director of the Institute of Labor Relations); memoranda, reports and statements concerning a proposal for the University of Illinois; extension programs; a program on labor's stake in world affairs; and relations with the International Cooperation Administration and the New World Foundation.

Materials of the Penn State University project include letters of Anthony Luchek (head of labor education), Hugh G. Pyle (director of Extension) and Fred Hoehler (professor of labor education) at Penn State University; statements and reports regarding union officers' program; Steelworkers seminar on human relations; conferences on local unions' goals and responsibilities; establishment of a trade union center; and constitutions of workers' councils of various counties in Pennsylvania.

Documents relating to the project at Roosevelt University include letters of Frank McCallister (director); memoranda and reports regarding the establishment of a film utilization center; proposal for a labor film service for Chicago; report of IULEC projects for a school for workers in Wisconsin; production and promotion of pamphlets on international workers' education; and conferences for white collar workers.

Materials pertaining to the Rutgers University project include letters of L.H. Kerrison (chairman of labor program, Institute of Management, Rutgers University); memoranda, reports and statements concerning workshops on workers' education; establishment of city workers' councils; disbursement of grant funds; establishment of a central information and advisory service in workers' education; proposal for the expansion of union public service radio programs in New Jersey; and a conference on adult education and development of mature individuals.

Materials regarding programs at the University of Wisconsin include letters of Edwin Young (director, University of Wisconsin School for Workers), memoranda and reports concerning the University of Wisconsin programs in workers' education; programs and publications of the Wisconsin American Federation of Labor Institute; and a workers' education series on world affairs.

G. Correspondence with non-participating universities, 1951-1957. [subseries]:
Correspondence concerns workers' education institutes; building and trades conferences; adult education and public services; labor-management seminars; evaluation of Inter-University Labor Education Committee (IULEC) projects; programs on religion and labor; financing workers' education services; union leadership training; and establishment of lectureships on industrial and labor relations.

H. Correspondence with labor organizations, 1951-1957. [subseries]:
Correspondents include Matthew Woll (vice-president, A.F. of L.); Arthur Elder (director, International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union); John Cosgrove (director of research, Iowa State Federation of Labor); Otto Pragen (director of research and education, United Chemical Workers); Mark Starr (education director, International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union); Francis Henson (director of education, International Association of Machinists); Florence Roehm Greve (director of research, American Federation of Teachers); Arthur J. Goldberg (general counsel, CIO); George Guernsey (associate director of education, CIO); Philip Murray (president, CIO); Joseph Glazer (education director, United Rubber Workers); and Brendan Sexton (education director, United Automobile Workers).

Correspondence chiefly concerns labor participation in Inter-University Labor Education Committee (IULEC) activities; meetings of the Board of Directors; relations with the American Labor Education Service; international labor education; conferences on workers' education; the Washington's Birthday Conference of the American Labor Education Service; the Chicago University International World Affairs Program; a conference on labor's stake in world affairs; civil rights; development of membership participation in local lodge activities; regional farm-labor institutes; CIO-Danish workers' education workshops; conference of labor journal editors; Franklin D. Roosevelt; the CIO leadership training institute; automation and community planning; workers' education projects of unions and universities; Fulbright scholarships; and surveys of the Rocky Mountain Labor School.

I. General correspondence, 1952-1957. [subseries]:
Correspondents include Malcolm Knowles (administrative coordinator, Adult Education Association) (AEA) on a survey on community cooperation in adult education, international labor programs, union participation in AEA programs, and residential adult education schools; Robert Repas (director of labor and international affairs, American Friends Service) on international labor affairs and United Nations programs; American Labor Education Service (ALES) on Washington's Birthday Conference; Eleanor G. Coit (director, ALES) on organizing the Inter-University Labor Education Committee (IULEC) international exchange of workers and ALES-IULEC regional conferences, workers' education scholarships, agricultural education, white collar workshops, universities and unions in workers' education, evaluation of workers' education programs, union participation in foreign aid programs, and automation and clerical workers; and Mary M. Taylor (administrative assistant, Institute of International Education) on Fulbright scholarships and international labor exchange programs.

Also, the staff and administrators of the International Labour Office, Jewish Labor Committee, U.S. Labor Office, U.S. Mutual Security Administration, National Labor Service, National Religion and Labor Foundation, Pan American Union, Philadelphia Labor Education Council, U.S. Information Agency, U.S. Department of Labor, and vocational education departments of various states regarding civil rights and civil liberties, the Philippine Labor Education Center, and technical assistance programs, among other subjects.

Other correspondents include the American Federation of Labor, the U.S. Technical and Economic Mission, the Unitarian Service Committee Inc., the American Federation of Teachers, the Encampment for Citizenship, the American Nurses' Association, the Council on Student Travel, and various congressmen. This correspondence concerns the general activities in workers' education sponsored by IULEC, the production of Mire's book, Labor Education , summer programs in workers' education and world affairs, applications for grants and financial support, and library service to labor unions.

III. Files of the Cornell University project, 1952-1957. [series]:
A. General office files, 1952-1957. [subseries]:
Also includes letters of Martin P. Catherwood (dean, NYSSILR), Russell Allen (education director, International Brotherhood of Papermakers), A.A. Liveright (executive secretary), Ralph N. Campbell (professor, NYSSILR and chairman of IULEC), Lawrence M. Rogin (education director, AFL-CIO) Anthony Luchek (labor education specialist, U.S. Mutual Security Administration), Alice Cook (extension specialist) and Eleanor Emerson (specialist in labor education) of the NYSSILR, regarding information materials for teachers in workers' education; analyses of communities involved in IULEC workers' education projects; summary and evaluation of union-teacher relationships; proposal for the establishment of a central information and advisory service in workers' education; data on Cornell projects in community affairs conducted in Olean, Syracuse and Utica, N.Y.; and discussions on workers' retirement.

B. Files of projects in Jamestown, N.Y., New York City, Rochester, N.Y. and Olean, N.Y., 1953-1957. [subseries]:
C. Files of the Syracuse, N.Y. project, 1952-1954. [subseries]:
D. Files of the Utica, N.Y. project, 1952-1954. [subseries]:
E. Labor's role in community affairs, 1955. [subseries]:
IV. Files of the chairman of the Board of Directors, 1952-1957. [series]:
Correspondence pertains to the Philippine labor movement; to Board meetings; to activities of operating committees; to university programs; to Montana District Institutes; to a school for office workers; to international workers' education; to activities of the IULEC Evaluating Committee; and to the evaluation of projects; also miscellaneous financial documents.