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Professor of Biochemistry and Nutrition; director of the School of Nutition,1941-1955; special consultant to the U.S. Interdepartmental Committee for Nutrition and National Defense.

After receiving his Ph.D. in chemistry from Cornell University in 1915 Leonard Amby Maynard was appointed assistant professor in the College of Agriculture there. In 1934 he served as visiting professor at the University of Nanking, China, and assisted in a survey of the nutrition of the Chinese farm family. At Cornell he directed the Animal Nutrition Laboratory and the U.S. Plant, Soil, and Nutrition Laboratory. He was named commissioner in charge of nutrition for the New York State Emergency Food Commission during World War II., and late in 1947 was appointed to a new food commission established by Governor Thomas E. Dewey. He wrote ANIMAL NUTRITION (1937); coauthored BETTER DAIRY FARMING with Elmer S. Savage; and wrote numerous publications on biochemistry and nutrition.